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1881 Census: Residents of Alyth Parochial Poorhouse

Ann EASSONW65FHeadMatron Poor HouseInverary, Banff, Scotland
Stewart EASSON  5MGd SonScholarAlyth, Perth, Scotland
Robert CHALMERSW86MInmateFormerly Corn MerchantAlyth, Perth, Scotland
William FINDLAYU46MInmateJute WeaverImbecileAlyth, Perth, Scotland
Alexander MC KENZIE 13MInmateScholarAlyth, Perth, Scotland
Mary KEAYU58FInmateJute PreparerImbecileAlyth, Perth, Scotland
Amber SUTHERLANDU71FInmateGeneral Servant (Domestic)ImbecileAlyth, Perth, Scotland
Helen SMARTU42FInmateGeneral Servant (Domestic)DeafAlyth, Perth, Scotland
Helen TAYLORW55FInmateCotton WeaverImbecileCoupar Angus, Perth, Scotland

Total residents: 9

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