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1881 Census: Residents of Ardnamurchan Almshouse

Mary MACDONALDU62FHeadPauper Formerly Domestic ServtMoidart, Inverness
Ann MACDONALDU70FSisterPauper Formerly Domestic ServtMoidart, Inverness
Margaret MACDONALDU14FNiecePauperIdiotMoidart, Inverness
Donald MITCHELL 12MNephewScholarMoidart, Inverness
Flora CONNELLM40FVisitorShepherds WifeMoidart, Inverness
Peggy CONNELL  3FVisitorShepherds DaughterOban, Argyll
Mary MACISAACU75FHeadPauper Formerly Domestic ServMoidart, Argyll
Ann MACEACHERNW66FHeadPauper Formerly Crofters WifeMoidart, Argyll
Catherine MACEACHERNU31FDaurDomestic ServantMoidart, Argyll

Total residents: 9

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