1881 Census: Residents of Belford Union Workhouse

David H. PROCTERM41MMasterMasterLeeds, York
Harriet PROCTERM42FMatronMaster (Munic)Selby, York
George ATHEY 11MInmateScholarNewham, Northumberland
Mary J. ATHEY 14FInmateGeneral ServNewham, Northumberland
Ellen CLARKU58FInmateSeampstressBudle, Northumberland
Richard COLLINSW67MInmateAg LabFord, Northumberland
Henry CROFSU22MBricklayers LabourerIreland
John DYSONU36MAg LabBradford, York
John GIBSONW68MInmateAg LabBamburgh, Northumberland
Alfred HAGONU40MBricklayers LabourerIreland
Barbara MARSDENM38FLiverpool
George MARSDEN  5MGeneral LabourerLeeds, York
James MARSDENM39MCoal MinerWitton, Lancashire
Mary MCDOWALU49FInmateIdiotSpindleston, Northumberland
Ernest NICHOL 10MInmateScholarYarmouth, Norfolk
James POWERU44MBricklayers LabourerHereford, Hereford
George QUINTONU28MLabourer In Iron WorksStockton On Tees, Durham
John ROBINSONU76MInmateAg LabBeadnell, Northumberland
Elizabeth STRONGU50FInmateGeneral ServBamburgh, Northumberland
Sarah STRONG 10FInmateGeneral ServBelford, Northumberland
Sarah WHITEU22FInmateDomestic ServLowick, Northumberland
Thomas WHITTLEU57MPorterPorterFowberry, Northumberland
Dorothy WRIGHTU82FInmateFormerly General ServChathill, Northumberland

Total residents: 23

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