1881 Census: Residents of Dolgelley Union Workhouse

William WILLIAMSM52MHeadWorkhouse Master (Munic)Dolgelley, Merioneth, Wales
Dorothy WILLIAMSM45FWifeWorkhouse Matron (Munic)Talyllyn, Merioneth, Wales
Griffith O. WILLIAMS 14MSonScholarDolgelley, Merioneth, Wales
Edward C. WILLIAMS 10MSonScholarDolgelley, Merioneth, Wales
Evan WILLIAMSW62MTask MasterWorkhouse Task Master (Munic)Llanddwywe Uwch Y Graig, Merioneth, Wales
Sarah JONESU24FServWorkhouse General Serv (Domestic)Llanfihangel Y Pennant, Merioneth, Wales
Anne EVANSU22FNurseWorkhouse NurseLlanenddwyn, Merioneth, Wales
Thomas CALVERU33MPauper InmateRailway LaborerGreat Parton, Suffolk, England
James DAVIESU37MPauper InmateGeneral LaborerMallwyd, Merioneth, Wales
Mary DAVIES  3FPauper InmateDolgelley, Merioneth, Wales
William J. DAVIES 11MPauper InmateScholarLlanwrin, Montgomery, Wales
Anne EDWARDSU57FPauper InmateGeneral Serv (Domestic)LunaticDolgelley, Merioneth, Wales
William EDWARDSU63MPauper InmateRailway LaborerLlanfihangel Y Pennant, Merioneth, Wales
Elizabeth J. ELLIS  8FPauper InmateScholarMerioneth, Wales
Mary ELLISU35FPauper InmateGeneral Serv (Domestic)IdiotDolgelley, Merioneth, Wales
Anne EVANS 3mFPauper InmateDolgelley, Merioneth, Wales
Elizabeth EVANSW33FPauper InmateGeneral Serv (Domestic)Llanfihangel Genaur Glyn, Cardigan, Wales
Evan EVANS  5MPauper InmateScholarGlamorgan, Wales
Jane EVANSU32FPauper InmateGeneral Serv (Domestic)IdiotMallwyd, Merioneth, Wales
Rowland EVANS 10MPauper InmateScholarDolgelley, Merioneth, Wales
William EVANS  7MPauper InmateScholarLlanfihangel Genaur Glyn, Cardigan, Wales
Joseph GARNETM28MPauper InmateSailorLlanaber, Merioneth, Wales
Anne GRIFFITHSU28FPauper InmateGeneral Serv (Domestic)IdiotTowyn, Merioneth, Wales
Ellin GRIFFITHS  7FPauper InmateScholarLlangelynin, Merioneth, Wales
Margaret A. GRIFFITHS  4FPauper InmateScholarLlanegryn, Merioneth, Wales
Owen GRIFFITHS 4mMPauper InmateDolgelley, Merioneth, Wales
Peter HUGHESM73MPauper InmateGeneral LaborerLlan Whitford, Flint, Wales
William HUGHES  7MPauper InmateScholarDolgelley, Merioneth, Wales
Ellin HUMPHREYSU24FPauper InmateGeneral Serv (Domestic)Towyn, Merioneth, Wales
Thomas JAMESU39MTrampGeneral LaborerSwindon, Wiltshire, England
Alfred JONES 14MPauper InmateScholarTalyllyn, Merioneth, Wales
Catherine JONESU42FPauper InmateGeneral Serv (Domestic)IdiotDolgelley, Merioneth, Wales
Edward JONESW68MPauper InmateAg LabLlanrhaiadr Ym Mochnant, Montgomery, Wales
Elizabeth JONES 12FPauper InmateScholarTowyn, Merioneth, Wales
Jane JONESU32FPauper InmateGeneral ServImbecileLlanaber, Merioneth, Wales
John JONESU65MPaup InmateAg LabIdiotTrawsfynydd, Merioneth, Wales
John JONESW58MPauper InmateGeneral LaborerImbecileLlanfachraith, Merioneth, Wales
Margaret JONESM55FPauper InmateGeneral Serv (Domestic)ImbecileLlanddwywe Uwch Y Graig, Merioneth, Wales
Richard JONESW70MPauper InmateWoollen Factory Man (Cloth Manuf)Mallwyd, Merioneth, Wales
Elizabeth OWEN 13FPauper InmateScholarCarno, Montgomery, Wales
Ellin OWENW62FPauper InmateFormerly Greengrocer & FishmongerDolgelley, Merioneth, Wales
Humphrey PUGHU32MPauper InmateAg LabIdiotLlanaber, Merioneth, Wales
Lewis PUGHU81MPauper InmateAg LabDolgelley, Merioneth, Wales
Thomas PUGH  1MPauper InmateLlanfihangel Y Traethau, Merioneth, Wales
John REES  6MPauper InmateScholarLlangadvan, Montgomery, Wales
John REESW73MPauper InmateAg LabCastell Caereinion, Montgomery, Wales
Margaret E. REES  5FPauper InmateScholarLlangadvan, Montgomery, Wales
Mary REES  9FPauper InmateScholarLlangadvan, Montgomery, Wales
Jane RICHARDSU33FPauper InmateGeneral Serv (Domestic)IdiotDolgelley, Merioneth, Wales
Thomas RICHARDS  5MPauper InmateScholarDolgelley, Merioneth, Wales
Francis ROBERTSM74MPauper InmateMiner (Slate Quarry)Llanymowddwy, Merioneth, Wales
Griffith M. ROBERTS 10MPauper InmateScholarLlanenddwyn, Merioneth, Wales
Margaret D. ROBERTS 10FPauper InmateScholarDolgelley, Merioneth, Wales
Mary C. ROBERTS  4FPauper InmateScholarDolgelley, Merioneth, Wales
Mary ROBERTS 34FPauper InmateGeneral Serv (Domestic)Mallwyd, Merioneth, Wales
Myfanwy ROBERTS 7mFPauper InmateMallwyd, Merioneth, Wales
William ROBERTSW57MPauper InmateGeneral LaborerImbecileLlanbedr, Merioneth, Wales
Luke SPEAKMANW76MPauper InmateWaiter (Inn Serv)Piling, Lancashire, England
Anne WILLIAMS  4FPauper InmateScholarLlanenddwyn, Merioneth, Wales
Gwen WILLIAMSU21FPauper InmateGeneral Serv (Domestic)Llanfachraith, Merioneth, Wales
Hugh Ll. WILLIAMS 1mMPauper InmateLlanfachraith, Merioneth, Wales
Jane WILLIAMSU74FPauper InmateGeneral Serv (Domestic)Llanddwywe Uwch Y Graig, Merioneth, Wales
Mary WILLIAMSU43FPauper InmateImbecileLlangelynin, Merioneth, Wales
Richard WILLIAMS  6MPauper InmateScholarLlangelynin, Merioneth, Wales
Robert WILLIAMS 10MPauper InmateScholarLlangelynin, Merioneth, Wales
William WILLIAMSW59MPauper InmateButcherImbecileLlanelltyd, Merioneth, Wales

Total residents: 66

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