1881 Census: Residents of Hatfield Union Workhouse

Charles WHITEM51MHeadMaster Of Workhouse (Munic)Waltham, Kent
Caroline WHITEM50FWifeMatron Of WorkhouseBinfield, Berkshire
Sarah WHITEU26FVisitorJewellers Assist (Polisher)Canterbury, Kent
Margaret BRAILLANDU38FOfficerNurse Of Workhouse (Institu Serv)Hernebay, Kent
John HARRISW66MOfficerPorter Of Workhouse (Muni Serv)Chards, Berkshire
William AMEYW81MInmateAg Lab (No Occ)Hatfield, Hertford
James ARCHERW77MInmateAg LabrIreland
William BADENU49MInmateGen LabHatfield, Hertford
Ann BAGGSW40FInmate (Tramp)Field Work Ag LabrIreland
Elizabeth BAGGS  4FInmate (Tramp)Ireland
Sarah BRINKLEYW54FInmateFormerly Dom Servt CookNorth Mimms, Hertford
William BURRW67MInmateAg LabrNorth Mimms, Hertford
James CASTLEW79MInmateAg Labr (No Occ)Hatfield, Hertford
Thomas CHILDSW48MInmate (Tramp)Gen LabourNewnham, Hertford
James COOKU68MInmateAg Labr (No Occ)Hatfield, Hertford
Jane COOPERW75FInmateFormerly Domestic Servt HousemaidHatfield, Hertford
James CRADDOCKU49MInmateCarpenterEssendon, Hertford
Thomas CRAWLEYU79MInmateAg Labr (No Occ)Hatfield, Hertford
William DELLU60MInmateAg LabHatfield, Hertford
Caleb ELLISU51MInmateAg LabHatfield, Hertford
Elizabeth EVANSU61FInmateFormly Dom Servt HousemaidHatfield, Hertford
Elizabeth FOSSEYW79FInmateFormly Dom Servt HousemaidRugby, Warwick
William GOWERW90MInmateAg Lab (No Occ)Hatfield, Hertford
Mary GRAIGSW64FInmate (Tramp)Fieldwork Ag LabrIreland
James GRAYW68MInmateAg Lab (No Occ)North Mimms, Hertford
Joseph HAMMONU71MInmateTailor (No Occ)Hatfield, Hertford
George HARRISU32MInmateAg LabMaidstone, Kent
Joseph HENSOMEW79MInmateAg Lab (No Occ)Essendon, Hertford
Richard HILLU75MInmateAg Lab (No Occ)Northaw, Hertford
Ann HINTONU76FInmateFormerly SchoolmistressHatfield, Hertford
William HOWARDU30MInmateAg LabNorth Mimms, Hertford
Edward JOHNSONW79MInmateAg La (No Occ)Hatfield, Hertford
William LINEHAMW80MInmateAg La (No Occ)Hatfield, Hertford
James LITTLEW67MInmateAg La (No Occ)Hatfield, Hertford
Phillip LONGU62MInmateAg La (No Occ)Hatfield, Hertford
Thomas LOYDU31MInmate (Tramp)Gen LabourLambeth, Surrey
Annie MANNING 14FInmateUnder Industrial Training (O)Hatfield, Hertford
Elizabeth MANNINGU35FInmateStraw PlaiterHatfield, Hertford
Alfred MARSH 12MInmateHatfield, Hertford
Joseph PARROTTU88MInmateAg La (No Occ)Hatfield, Hertford
Stephen PARROTTW79MInmateAg La (No Occ)Hatfield, Hertford
Mary PEGRAMW74FInmateFormaly Cook Dom ServHatfield, Hertford
Eliza PLUMMERU44FInmateFormerly Dom Servt HousemaidHatfield, Hertford
Ann RAYW72FInmateFormerly Dom Servt CookAlton, Huntingdon
Joseph SALESM42MInmateAg LabHatfield, Hertford
William SAMSM41MInmateBakerHatfield, Hertford
Richard SHERMANU49MInmateAg LabHatfield, Hertford
John SMITHU50MInmateAg La (No Occ)Hatfield, Hertford
Mary SPRIGSW47FInmateFormaly Cook Dom ServWalington, Hertford
Susan SPRIGS  7FInmateScholarHatfield, Hertford
George SQUIRES 15MInmateUnder Industrial Training (No Occ)Hatfield, Hertford
Edward STAINEESU52MInmateGrave Digger LabHatfield, Hertford
Charles TOWNSENDU66MInmateFormerly Dom Servt Groom (No Occ)Ireland
Elizabeth VENABLESW95FInmateFormerly Dom Servt HousemaidHatfield, Hertford
George WILLSW81MInmateAg Lab (No Occ)Hatfield, Hertford
Charles WOOD 15MInmateUnder Industrial Training (No Occ)Hatfield, Hertford
William WOOD  9MInmateScholarHatfield, Hertford
James WRIGHTW63MInmateAg LabHatfield, Hertford

Total residents: 58

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