1881 Census: Residents of Morayshire Combination Poorhouse

Peter GRANTM57MHeadHouse GovernorMortlach, Banff, Scotland
Jane GRANTM47FWifeHouse MatronFordyce, Banff, Scotland
Helenor I. GRANTU20FDaurAssistant MatronElgin, Elgin, Scotland
Eliza J. GRANTU18FDaurPupil TeacherElgin, Elgin, Scotland
Patrick A. GRANTU16MSonBank ClerkElgin, Elgin, Scotland
William RUSSELLM25MServ (Head)House PorterSt Andrews, Elgin, Scotland
Jane PHIM OR RUSSELLM23FServ (Wife)Gate KeeperDallas, Elgin, Scotland
Charles RUSSELL  1M(Son)Kirkhill, Inverness, Scotland
Jessie DEANU31FServDom Serv (Sick Nurse)Knockando, Elgin, Scotland
Jessie DUFFU24FServDom Serv (Cook)Rathven, Banff, Scotland
Jessie GORDONU18FServDom Serv HousemaidRathven, Banff, Scotland
George ALLANU69MInmateFormerly TailorElgin, Elgin, Scotland
Margaret HAY OR BARCLAYW81FInmateFormerly Merchant GrocerUrquhart, Elgin, Scotland
Jane BAXTER 2mFInmateNew Spynie, Elgin, Scotland
Janet BAXTERU30FInmateFormerly Outworker Dom ServRathven, Banff, Scotland
Jane BOWERU51FInmateFormerly Cook Dom ServNew Spynie, Elgin, Scotland
James BRANDERW69MInmateFormerly Watch ClockmakerElgin, Elgin, Scotland
Mary Jane CAMPBELLM39FInmateFormerly HousemaidSt Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland
Elspeth CHOAT 5mFInmateNew Spynie, Elgin, Scotland
John CHOAT  2MInmateElgin, Elgin, Scotland
Mary CHOAT  7FInmateScholarElgin, Elgin, Scotland
Sarah CHOATU38FInmateFormerly Outworker Farm ServEssex, England
John CRUICKSHANKU66MInmateFormerly Farm ServDallas, Elgin, Scotland
Jane CALDER OR DUNCANW69FInmateFormerly DressmakerDuffus, Elgin, Scotland
John FYFEW53MInmateFormerly Gen LabBellie, Elgin, Scotland
Catherine GILCHRISTW82FInmateFormerly Housekeeper Dom ServDornoch, Sutherland, Scotland
James GORDONW66MInmateFormerly Farm ServDrainie, Elgin, Scotland
Jessie GRIGORU26FInmateFormerly Farm Serv GeneralGlass, Aberdeen, Scotland
Elizabeth HOLMESU61FInmateFormerly Cook Dom ServBanff, Banff, Scotland
Gordon HUTCHEON  2MInmateSt Nicholas, Aberdeen, Scotland
Jessie HUTCHEONM39FInmateFormerly Dom Serv GeneralForres, Elgin, Scotland
Jessie HUTCHEON 11FInmateScholarElgin, Elgin, Scotland
John HUTCHEON  6MInmateScholarElgin, Elgin, Scotland
William HUTCHEON  8MInmateScholarElgin, Elgin, Scotland
James INGLESU56MInmateFormerly Mason StonecutterSpeymouth, Elgin, Scotland
Ann LOGIE  9FInmateScholarBellie, Banff, Scotland
Christina MARSHALLM24FInmateVagrant Or HawkerGlasgow Barony
Elizabeth MC DOUGALM42FInmateFormerly Waitress Dom ServLinlithgow, Linlithgow, Scotland
Silvia MC DOUGALL  8FInmateScholarHuntly, Aberdeen, Scotland
Alexander MC GOWANW77MInmateFormerly Gen HawkerKeith, Banff, Scotland
Margaret MC LEOD 11FInmateScholarElgin, Elgin, Scotland
George MOIRU71MInmateFormerly ShoemakerRothes, Elgin, Scotland
Archibald MORRISM76MInmateFormerly Farm ServDuffus, Elgin, Scotland
Alexander MUNRO  2MInmateKeith, Banff, Scotland
Ann MUNROU36FInmateFormerly Outworker Farm ServKeith, Banff, Scotland
George MUNRO 12MInmateScholarBellie, Banff, Scotland
Helen MUNRO  7FInmateScholarBellie, Banff, Scotland
John MUNRO 10MInmateScholarBellie, Banff, Scotland
Barbara MURRAYW69FInmateFormerly Housekeeper Dom ServDornoch, Sutherland, Scotland
John PHEMISTERU66MInmateFormerly Road ContractorUrquhart, Elgin, Scotland
Mary PHEMISTERU63FInmateFormerly DressmakerElgin, Elgin, Scotland
Margaret REIDU65FInmateFormerly Cook Dom ServKinloss, Elgin, Scotland
Robert ROBERTSONW76MInmateFormerly Farm ServBoharm, Banff, Scotland
Ann ROSEU78FInmateFormerly Dom Serv HousekeeperArdclach, Nairn, Scotland
Jane ROSEU83FInmateFormerly Cook Dom ServInverallan, Elgin, Scotland
David ROSSW74MInmateFormerly Barber Or HairdresserElgin, Elgin, Scotland
James ROSSU22MInmateNone Paralysed From InfancyKinloss, Elgin, Scotland
William RUSSELLU65MInmateFormerly TailorElgin, Elgin, Scotland
Ann SCOTTW75FInmateFormerly Housemaid Dom ServCromdale, Elgin, Scotland
William SHANKSW77MInmateFormerly BlacksmithDuffus, Elgin, Scotland
Margaret SMITHW71FInmateFormerly Housekeeper Dom Serv (British Subject), At Sea
Alexander STEPHENU55MInmateFormerly Law ClerkElgin, Elgin, Scotland
James STUARTU63MInmateFormerly Hawker Of Small WaresElgin, Elgin, Scotland
Christina TOLMIEU83FInmateFormerly Outworker Farm ServCroy, Inverness, Scotland
Marjory WHYTEU70FInmateFormerly Housekeeper Dom ServElgin, Elgin, Scotland
George WILSON  1MInmateBellie, Banff, Scotland
Jane WILSON  4FInmateBellie, Banff, Scotland
Margaret WILSONM38FInmateFormerly Outworker Farm ServSpeymouth, Elgin, Scotland

Total residents: 68

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