1881 Census: Residents of Pembroke Union Workhouse

Charles FLUTTERM33MHeadMaster Of Workhouse MunicCastlemartin, Pembroke, Wales
Margaret FLUTTERM28FWifeMatron Workhouse MunicAngle, Pembroke, Wales
Elizabeth A. FLUTTER  6FDaurScholarAngle, Pembroke, Wales
Charles J. FLUTTER  2MSonAngle, Pembroke, Wales
Percy W. FLUTTER 9mMSonWorkhouse, Pembroke, Wales
Mary TWIGGU64FSchool MistressSchool MistressCosheston, Pembroke, Wales
Joseph EASAWM54MPorterPorter Workhouse MunicHaverfordwest, Pembroke, Wales
Mary A. EASAWM45FCookCook Workhouse Dom
Mary WILLIAMSW33FNurseNurse Workhouse DomLaughrn, Carmarthen, Wales
William EYNONU52MPauperPauperMonkton, Pembroke, Wales
Thomas GRIFFITHSW64MPauperSailorAngle, Pembroke, Wales
John DAWKINS 13MPauperScholar
Margaret HILLU28FPauperDomestic ServantMonkton, Pembroke, Wales
Richard THOMASW69MPauperFarm LabourerCheriton, Pembroke, Wales
George THOMAS  9MPauperScholarWorkhouse, Pembroke, Wales
Marth J. THOMAS  3FPauperBurton, Pembroke, Wales
Mary A. JAMES 10FPauperScholarCarew, Pembroke, Wales
Jane MORRISU29FPauperImbecileMonkton, Pembroke, Wales
Robert KENNAW80MPauperFarm LabourerAngle Pembroke, Pembroke, Wales
William PHILLIPSU51MPauperFarm LabourerNarberth Pembroke, Pembroke, Wales
John ADAMSW55MPauperDraperSt Florence, Pembroke, Wales
Thomas COLLINSM68MPauperSkinnerNarberth, Pembroke, Wales
Elizabeth LLEWHELLINU20FPauper (Head)Farm Servant Ag LabLlanstadwell, Pembroke, Wales
John H. LLEWHELLIN 1mMSonWorkhouse, Pembroke, Wales
Jane EDWARDSU28FPauper (Head)Farm Servant Ag LabWorkhouse, Pembroke, Wales
William G. EDWARDS  4MSonHaverfordwest, Pembroke, Wales
Editha G. EDWARDS 1mFDaurWorkhouse Pembroke, Pembroke, Wales
Mary A. MORRISU18FPauperFarm Servant AgNew Milford, Pembroke, Wales
Priscilla THOMASU18FPauperFarm Servant AgLlanstadwell, Pembroke, Wales
Susan THOMASU22FPauper (Head)Farm Servant AgTenby, Pembroke, Wales
Mary Jane THOMAS 2mFDaurWorkhouse, Pembroke, Wales
Elizabeth BROOKS 10FPauperScholarSt Michaels Pembroke, Pembroke, Wales
Alfred BRUIN 10MPauperManorbier, Pembroke, Wales
Charles DALTONU60MPauperGamekeeperPembroke, Pembroke, Wales
Michael LLEWHELLINW80MPauperFarm LabourerBlindCarew, Pembroke, Wales
Abraham JONESW81MPauperFarm LabourerWarren, Pembroke, Wales
Maria GRIFFITHSU31FPauperNoneImbecileMonkton, Pembroke, Wales
John LLOYD  5MPauperScholarPembroke, Pembroke, Wales
Eliza JONES 19FPauperNoneImbecileMonkton, Pembroke, Wales
Phillip GUNTER 12MPauperScholarTenby, Pembroke, Wales
Annie GUNTER 10FPauperScholarTenby, Pembroke, Wales
William ANDREWSU75MPauperSailorPenally, Pembroke, Wales
Lucy JOHN  8FPauperScholarTenby, Pembroke, Wales
Audly REES 12MPauperScholarTenby, Pembroke, Wales
Frederick REES 10MPauperScholarTenby, Pembroke, Wales
Sarah Jane TAYLORM25FPauper (Head)LaundressOldham, Lancashire, England
James H. TAYLOR  5MSonScholarTenby, Pembroke, Wales
George THOMASM50MPauperGeneral LabourerTenby, Pembroke, Wales
Fanny GRIFFITHSU30FPauperDomestic ServantTenby, Pembroke, Wales
Stephen GRIFFITHSU30MPauperGeneral LabourerMilford, Pembroke, Wales
James GRIFFITHSW50MPauperFarm LabourerBlindRedberth, Pembroke, Wales
Maria REESU21FPauperNoneImbecileWorkhouse, Pembroke, Wales
Elizabeth BATSONU50FPauperDomestic ServantAngle, Pembroke, Wales
Thomas BURKE 2mMPauperWorkhouse, Pembroke, Wales
William ISAACSW66MPauperStone MasonNewport, Pembroke, Wales
Eliza PHILLIPSU46FPauperNoImbecileNash, Pembroke, Wales
William H. DAVIES 11MPauperScholarWorkhouse, Pembroke, Wales
Marth EVANSU52FPauper (Head)HawkerPwllcrochan, Pembroke, Wales
George EVANS 12MSonScholarHaverfordwest, Pembroke, Wales
Sarah WANEYM33FPauperDomestic ServantSt Michaels, Pembroke, Wales
John STEPHENSW79MPauperFarm LabourerCastlemartin, Pembroke, Wales
John SMITHW79MPauperGeneral LabourerKilkenny, Ireland
David JONESW80MPauperCoal MinerPortmadock, Caernarvon, Wales
Marth J. JAMES 13FPauperScholarSt Michaels, Pembroke, Wales
John JAMES 11MScholarSt Michaels, Pembroke, Wales
Mary Ann JAMES  6FScholarSt Michaels, Pembroke, Wales
Jane JAMES  5FScholarSt Michaels, Pembroke, Wales
John GRIFFITHSM79MFarm LabourerPenally, Pembroke, Wales
Mary ROCHU18FDomestic ServantSt Michaels, Pembroke, Wales
William CUNNINGHAMU42MIron FounderLondon Southwick, London, Middlesex, England
John HUGHESU79MGeneral LabourerSt Michaels, Pembroke, Wales
Fredrick ISLIPU18MGeneral LabourerBirmingham
Edward WINGITEU22MGeneral LabourerLondon Chelsea, London, Middlesex, England
Daniel O SULIVANU34MGeneral LabourerCork Bantry, Ireland
James DAVIES 12MScholarWorkhouse, Pembroke, Wales
Emma BROWNM54FDomestic ServantLondon, London, Middlesex, England
George MORRIS  9MScholar
Mary A. DAVIES  8FScholarWorkhouse, Pembroke, Wales
John DAVIES  5MScholarWorkhouse, Pembroke, Wales
Lilly ROWLANDS  7FScholar
Edward ROWLANDS  5MScholar
Susan CHRISTIEW63FLaundressRomford, Essex, England
George ROGERS 12MScholarPembroke Dock
Michael DOOLYM56MFormerly A SoldierBlindGalaway Headford, Ireland
John SMITHW54MSawyerForest Of Dean
Alexander THOMPSON 13MScholarPembroke Dock
Alexander MORRISM79MPainterSwansea
Elizabeth MORRISM71FDomestic ServantWakhampton
David WILLIAMSU60MShoemakerCarmarthen, Wales
Fanny REESW82FFarm Servant AgWarren, Pembroke, Wales
Catherine REESW37F(Head)Laundress
Fredrick REES  9MSonScholarAldershot
Maud REES  6FDaurScholarPembroke, Wales
William THOMSONW57MDraperPaisly, Scotland
William HEAL 14MScholarPembroke Dock
Edith CODOGAN 10FScholarPembroke Dock
Arthur CODOGAN  6MScholarPembroke Dock
William WATKINSU42MStone MasonPembroke
William JONES  6MScholarPembroke Dock
Annie DAVIESU19FDomestic ServantPembroke Dock
Alfred DAVIES  1MGeneral LabourerPembroke Dock
Mary HARRIESU52F(Head)Nurse DomPwllcrochan, Pembroke, Wales
Sarah HARRIES 13FDaurScholarWorkhouse, Pembroke, Wales
Eliza THOMASU19F(Head)Farm ServantTenby, Pembroke, Wales
George THOMAS  1MSonWorkhouse, Pembroke, Wales
Mary J. CURRIE  9FScholarPembroke Dock, Pembroke, Wales
Mary A. WALTERS  9FScholar
Thomas EBSWORTHM68MGeneral LabourerTenby, Pembroke, Wales
Thomas CUDLIPU50MGeneral LabourerDevon, England
Richard JONESW78MGeneral LabourerMarloes, Pembroke, Wales
John WELCHU62MGeneral LabourerThomas Town, Ireland
Ann PHILLIPSU16FDomestic ServantSt Michaels Pembroke
Esther WILLIAMSU26FDomestic ServantHaverfordwest
Martha JONESW72FBlindDover
Alice L. JONES 13FScholarStratford, Essex, England
Maud M. JONES  8FScholarSt Michaels Pembroke
Jane DAVIESW22FFarm Servant AGNarberth, Pembroke, Wales
Benjamin FREEMANW64MTailorMartletwy, Pembroke, Wales
Rebecca JAMESU39FDomestic ServantPembroke, Pembroke, Wales
Rhoda PHILLIPSU23F(Head)Farm Servant AGMonkton, Pembroke, Wales
John H. PHILLIPS 3mMSonWorkhouse, Pembroke, Wales
Jane MARTINU18F(Head)Farm Servant AGManorbier, Pembroke, Wales
John H. MARTIN  1MSonWorkhouse, Pembroke, Wales
Ann JONESM33FLaundressCardigan, Wales
Eliza LLOYDU27F(Head)Domestic ServantCastlemartin, Pembroke, Wales
Alice LLOYD  7FDaurScholarWorkhouse, Pembroke, Wales
Emily LLOYD  3FDaurWorkhouse, Pembroke, Wales
Maud LLOYD 4mFDaurWorkhouse, Pembroke, Wales
Jane WILLIAMSU26FDomestic ServantWorkhouse, Pembroke, Wales
Freddy REED  5MScholarPembroke Dock, Pembroke, Wales
Eliza JENKINSU34FLaundressTenby, Pembroke, Wales
William H. PARROTTU40MTailorImbecileLondon Kensington, London, Middlesex, England
Richard VAUGHNW62MGeneral LabourerImbecileMonkton, Pembroke, Wales
Eliza JENKINSU52FFarm Servant AGMonkton, Pembroke, Wales
James WILLIAMSW68MSawyerImbecile
Mary LLOYDU20FDomestic ServantAmroth, Pembroke, Wales
James DAVIESU15MSailorHanstode, Cornwall, England
Eliza ATTWOODU62FDomestic ServantPembroke, Wales

Total residents: 138

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