1841 Census: Inmates of Union Workhouse, Lower Hillmorton Road, Rugby, Warwickshire

NameAgeBornGenderBorn in CountyOccupation
John DOWELL351806MYesMaster
Esther DOWELL301811FYesMatron
Susannah MARSON151826FYesSchoolmistress
Richard AMOS751766MYes
Thomas ASKEW111830MYes
George ATWOOD201821MYes
Hannah BARNES501791FYes
Elizabeth BARNET301811FYes
Jane BAYLIS3 months1841FYes
Mary Ann BAYLIS151826FYes
Mary Ann BEASLEY8 months1840FYes
Elizabeth BEASLEY251816FYes
Mary Ann BOLTON31838FNo
Frederick BUCKLAND111830MYes
Sabina BUCKLAND81833FYes
John CLEAVER121829MYes
William CLEAVER91832MYes
Emma CLEAVER81833FYes
Charles CLEAVER71834MYes
William COLE601781MYes
Joseph CURTIS121829MYes
Elizabeth DUMBLETON3 months1841FYes
Lucy DUMBLETON201821FYes
Thomas ELKINGTON651776MYes
John ELLIOTT451796MYes
Benjamin FETTER81833MYes
Lydia FLAVELL451796FYes
William FOSTER641777MYes
Harriett GRIMM131828FYes
William GRIMM101831MYes
James HALL651776MYes
Maria HOWE201821FYes
Elizabeth HOWE91832FYes
David HOWE61835MYes
Mary HUNT251816FYes
Josha HUNT71834MIreland
Margreta HUNT31838FIreland
Ann LEISTER551786FYes
Sophia MANN601781FYes
Thomas MOULD81833MNo
Eliza NORTON111830FYes
Robert OLNER131828MYes
Enock OLNER101831MYes
James PUCKEY121829MYes
William PUCKEY101831MYes
Joseph PUCKEY51836MYes
Thomas SKINNER601781MYes
James SMITH701771MYes
Eliza STEANE151826FYes
Richard TIMS81833MYes
Elizabeth TUCKEY141827FYes
William TUCKEY131828MYes
Thomas TUCKEY111830MYes
Elizabeth TUCKEY81833FYes
Samuel TUCKEY61835MYes
John WEST751766MYes
Elizabeth WEST111830FYes
William WOLFE121829MYes
Charles WOLFE101831MYes
William WOOD771764MYes

Total residents: 59

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