Long-term Workhouse Inmates in St Marylebone, Middlesex, 1861

In 1861, the Poor Law Board published a return of the name every adult pauper who had been a workhouse inmate for a continuous period of five years or more, together with the duration of their residence (in years and months), the reason for it, and whether they had been brought up in a District or separate Workhouse School. It was noted that the term 'District School' had been widely misinterpreted by respondents as meaning any school in the local area, such as a national or private school, and that there was only one instance in the whole report of an inmate actually having been in such a school.

Ann Primrose100Old and infirmno.
Harriet Wells60Crippleno.
Louisa Wells260Old age and infirmityno.
Mary Ann Simmons400dittono.
Ann Parish200Idiotno.
Sarah Loader100Old and infirmno.
Ellen Collins100Paralysisno.
Sarah Higgleton120Old ageno.
Sarah Ansell50dittono.
Martha Brothall120dittono.
Elizabeth Poe170dittono.
Elizabeth Jackson100dittono.
Lavina Hicks120dittono.
Elizabeth Penstead100dittono.
Mary Cox56dittono.
Ann Ryan120dittono.
Amelia Romos90Fitsno.
Margaret Regan60Old ageno.
Mary Coleman70dittono.
Catherine Kelly70dittono.
Maria Jukes70dittono.
Mary Thorpe60dittono.
Harriett Hood120dittono.
Mary Mermode110Idiotno.
Jane Preston56Old ageno.
Ellen Sullivan200Bad eyesno.
Bridgett Eaton56Old ageno.
Eliza Bangham56Rheumatismno.
Sarah Gane120Old ageno.
Elizabeth Crook120dittono.
Johanna Arnett120dittono.
Annie Henley70Idiotno.
Maria Doncaster70Old ageno.
Mary Leary160dittono.
Mary Evans120dittono.
Mary Pendergrast100dittono.
Mary Yates80dittono.
Ellen Peppernett120Blindno.
Mary Franklin50Old ageno.
Bridgett Norman140Blindno.
Mary Ann Pelley110Old ageno.
Elizabeth Lodur60dittono.
Mary Birch90dittono.
Mary Baines90dittono.
Maria Harrison80dittono.
Jane Moulder70dittono.
Susan Twynham130Fitsno.
Catherine Jones90Old ageno.
Mary Taylor200dittono.
Ann Twine120dittono.
Ann Coles50dittono.
Jane Gilland160dittono.
Ann Towler100dittono.
Sarah Davis60dittono.
Fanny Morris200dittono.
Margaret Innall200dittono.
Caroline Beard120dittono.
Ann Sykes90dittono.
Mary Cox120dittono.
Catherine Fitzgerald80dittono.
Elizabeth Harvey60dittono.
Elizabeth Lyons150dittono.
Catherine Gaghan220Idiotno.
Esther' Suter50dittono.
Eliza May100dittono.
Elizabeth Green70Fitsno.
Caroline Flitcher400dittono.
Caroline Gibbs60Idiotno.
Sarah Eckloff90dittono.
Catherine McCarthy120dittono.
Emily Gulliver50dittono.
Sarah Smith140Old ageno.
Harriett Dunn100dittono.
Ann Woodford130Fitsno.
Mary Preston50Old ageno.
Mary English56dittono.
Frances Dorrington200dittono.
Sarah Brown80dittono.
Catherine Kipping100dittono.
Harriett Cartwright300Blindno.
Sarah Cochrane130Old ageno.
Sarah Paley70Paralysisno.
Eliza White50Rheumaticsno.
Jane Crofton110Old ageno.
Elizabeth Knight180dittono.
Ann Price140Blindno.
Catherine Arden50Old ageno.
Mary Armitage70Paralysisno.
Mary Addison80Old ageno.
Ann Bruce90dittono.
Frances Liddett140dittono.
Sarah Collett120Paralysisno.
Maria Brown90Old ageno.
Elizabeth Spurritt56dittono.
Martha Brown56dittono.
Mary Gathern80dittono.
Rose Burton120dittono.
Mary O'Brien50dittono.
Mary Reeves56dittono.
Maria Leslie60dittono.
Catherine Lloyd50Old ageno.
Mary Goodhall110dittono.
Elizabeth Bradley170Idiotno.
Louisa Brewer50Old ageno.
Rosina Killington60dittono.
Elizabeth Bettger60Paralysisno.
Mary Cronan60Old and infirmno.
Caroline Lemon120dittono.
Susan Rudd170dittono.
Esther Peters100dittono.
Ann Harris100Old ageno.
Jane Dawson120dittono.
Elizabeth Robertson260Old and infirmno.
Ann Ball120Old ageno.
Jane Walley50dittono.
Mary Westfield140dittono.
Margaret Poe50dittono.
Theresa Dawson80dittono.
Catherine Brummagum80dittono.
Elizabeth Champion120dittono.
Mary Warner70dittono.
Elizabeth Cunningham60dittono.
Bridgett Hurley90dittono.
Mary Beasley110dittono.
Ann Browning110dittono.
Mary Barry100dittono.
Louisa Smith80dittono.
Sarah Lumley120dittono.
Mary Jerquet100dittono.
Charlotte Bartley60dittono.
Deborah Lynch80Bad hipno.
Mary FitzGerald100dittono.
Johannah Stokes70Old and infirmno.
Julia Walker70Old ageno.
Amelia Markwick200dittono.
Ann Sullivan90Rheumatismno.
Mary Ann Young180dittono.
Johannah Husband80Bad legsno.
Bridgett Barrett80Rheumatismno.
Ann Hopkins60Contracted kneeno.
Ann Waller100Rheumatismno.
Eliiabeth Cooper110Old ageno.
Susan Lewis140dittono.
Mary Hogsflesh100dittono.
Ann Monteith60dittono.
Ann Maxfield100dittono.
Ellen Morrisey200dittono.
Mary Welsh160dittono.
Margaret Carroll90dittono.
Bridgett Concannon100dittono.
Catherine Dwyer60dittono.
Mary Whitehand50dittono.
Eliza Gray50dittono.
Bridgett Molloy120dittono.
Bridgett Pendergrast70dittono.
Ann Orchard100Fitsno.
Elizabeth Green50dittono.
Caroline Knight80dittono.
Elizabeth Plant50Old ageno.
Sarah Thompson50dittono.
Sarah Dillon50Paralysisno.
Maria Lewis50Asthmano.
Sarah Babbington50Fitsno.
Elizabeth Stevens50Old ageno.
Rebecca Shepherd50dittono.
Margaret Shean50dittono.
Ellen Casey60dittono.
Mary Probert300dittono.
Maria Miles250Crippleno.
Susannah Goddard90Old ageno.
Ann Mason70dittono.
Ann Leigh90dittono.
Elizabeth Thomas160dittono.
Ann Shorter80Rheumatismno.
Ann Curtis50Old ageno.
Elizabeth Catchpole90dittono.
Mary Craven80dittono.
Sarah Panario80dittono.
Elizabeth Miller160Paralysisno.
Elizabeth Turner50Old ageno.
Mary Jakin50dittono.
Catherine Bridgeman140dittono.
Sarah Hamilton80dittono.
Janet Orde120dittono.
Elizabeth Faulkner100dittono.
Catherine Lloyd70dittono.
Mary Drew90dittono.
Sarah Dean90dittono.
Isabella Stuart210dittono.
Jane Hopkins70dittono.
Mary Sadgrove140dittono.
Mary Woodley200dittono.
Ellen Harrington60dittono.
Mary Dodd300dittono.
Elizabeth Ball60Rheumatismno.
Elizabeth Tunk60Old ageno.
Sarah Cox60dittono.
Jane Holloway210dittono.
Mary Moody140dittono.
Mary Yardley140dittono.
Fanny Hughes60dittono.
Sarah Payne60dittono.
Mary Maynard60dittono.
Julia Woodhouse140dittono.
Elizabeth Perry60dittono.
Susan Eyles90dittono.
Sarah Johnson130dittono.
Maria Davis140dittono.
Ann Hubbard70dittono.
Mary Coster110dittono.
Ann Green80dittono.
Sarah Ann Dodd110dittono.
Catherine Sumner50dittono.
Emma Laning50dittono.
Mary Wood180dittono.
Ann Webber70dittono.
Sophia Calvert60dittono.
Elizabeth Dewar140dittono.
Ellen Tate70dittono.
Cecelia Kenny60dittono.
Kezia Chester60dittono.
Ann Murray250dittono.
Eleanor Brennan50dittono.
Ann Dobbin80dittono.
Harriett Matthews150dittono.
Catherine Morris60dittono.
Eleanor Windsor90dittono.
Jane Mobbs70dittono.
Susan Taylor140dittono.
Mary Ray60dittono.
Ann Andrews60dittono.
Mary Kelly70dittono.
Catherine McClode56dittono.
Mary Collier110dittono.
Mary Wilcox170dittono.
Sophia Wood70dittono.
Phoebe Towler100dittono.
Sarah Talbot60dittono.
Richard Francis56dittono.
James Peglar90Old ageno.
John Thornton50dittono.
James Lawrence50dittono.
James Robinson100dittono.
Samuel Hooper60dittono.
William Rodman96dittono.
Thomas McDowell70dittono.
John Dean60dittono.
Robert Slade60dittono.
Joseph Abbott60dittono.
George Crook--dittono.
James Lavington80dittono.
Richard Stiff60dittono.
Richard Collis140dittono.
William Allen160Dumbno.
George Scharff80Old ageno.
Charles Hutchings80Crippleno.
William Bursell50Old ageno.
Michael Hanlow60dittono.
John Mills60dittono.
Edmond Hosty70dittono.
George Green70dittono.
Jasper Jewell120dittono.
Thomas Chesterman60dittono.
Alexander Carphine80dittono.
Henry Stoddart90dittono.
John Smith60dittono.
Thomas Newbury60dittono.
Thomas Turner80Crippleno.
John Harrison250Paralysisno.
Charles Connor50Old ageno.
George Deal100Paralysisno.
Robert Salmon130Old ageno.
Samuel Laney70dittono.
Thomas Mullins70dittono.
John Murphy60dittono.
Richard Williamson80dittono.
Joseph Bowden80dittono.
James Walker50dittono.
Robert Frewer60dittono.
William Brown90dittono.
William Blake56dittono.
George Hancock90dittono.
Patrick Canary70dittono.
Joseph Redfern200Crippleworkh. school.
Charles Galloway50Old ageno.
George Higgins130dittono.
Charles Baker70Weak intellectworkh. school.
John Brooks70Idiotno.
George Penny80Crippleno.
Peter Hawkins70Old ageno.
John Shelbey80dittono.
John Cross90dittono.
Thomas Cook90dittono.
Patrick Kelly90Blindno.
Christopher Hillyard8,0Old and crippledno.
Charles Manners140Old ageno.
Jacob Welsh50Imbecileno.
John Osterman80Old ageno.
Thomas Eyres56dittono.
George Cooper200Blindworkh. school.
John Stevens60Old ageno.
Joseph Holmes80dittono.
James Holland80dittono.
John Wilkinson90dittono.
John Stevens680Blindno.
James Heywood60Paralysisno.
John Hall80Old ageno.
John Higgins130dittono.
John Sheen60dittono.
Samuel Gale60Old ageno.
William Millard60dittono.
William Wake50dittono.
Thomas Lloyd60Imbecileno.
Richard Hardinge80Old ageno.
Charles Brewer70dittono.
John Gleason60dittono.
Thomas Richardson140Epilepsyno.
Jacob Jones100Old ageno.
John Fuller90dittono.
Richard Fowler50dittono.
Stephen Slade50dittono.
William Barber50dittono.
John Maddox50dittono.
Joseph Fawn60dittono.
Charles Reynolds56Cancerno.
Edward Thompson100Imbecileno.
William Grubb60dittono.
John Long340Old ageno.
James Pope80dittono.
Comfort Hickman120dittono.
Edward Powell190dittono.
George Gay50dittono.
William Bokes70Crippleno.
William Riller180Imbecileno.
Thomas Davies56dittono.
John Morrisey100dittono.
John Williams60dittono.
John Jackson50dittono.
Thomas Dee100Paralysisno.
Patrick Sheen60Old ageno.
John Goddard50dittono.
Samuel Goddard90Paralysisno.
John Cox70Old ageno.
John Gillham100dittono.
William Field50dittono.
John Anderson120dittono.
John Minchin200dittono.
George Parsons100dittono.

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