1881 Census: Residents of Barracks, Kildonan, Sutherland, Scotland

Janet SUTHERLANDW79FHeadPauper Formerly Farmers WifeLatheron, Caithness, Scotland
Catherine SUTHERLANDU50FDaurGeneral ServantLatheron, Caithness, Scotland

Jessie SUTHERLANDU48FHeadPauper Formerly House ServKildonan, Sutherland, Scotland

Alexander MC LEODM61MHeadShoemakerKildonan, Sutherland, Scotland
Ann MC LEODM52FWifeKildonan, Sutherland, Scotland
Margaret MC LEODU25FDaurDomestic ServantKildonan, Sutherland, Scotland
Alexander MC LEODU20MSonCooperKildonan, Sutherland, Scotland
Williamina MC LEOD 16FDaurBlindKildonan, Sutherland, Scotland
Annabella MC LEOD 11FDaurScholarKildonan, Sutherland, Scotland
Annie MACKAY  1FGr DaurKildonan, Sutherland, Scotland

Elizabeth SUTHERLANDU78FHeadPauperLoth, Sutherland, Scotland

Chirsty GUNNU76FHeadPauper Formerly Farm ServKildonan, Sutherland, Scotland
Janet FRASERU62FNieceGeneral LabourerKildonan, Sutherland, Scotland

Chirsty CLARKW80FHeadPauper Formerly NurseResolis, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland
Elizabeth CLARKU42FDaurPauper Formerly House ServGlasgow

Total residents: 15

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