1881 Census: Residents of Upper Strathearn Combination Poorhouse, Auchterarder, Perth, Scotland

Donald MC GREGORM38MHeadPoorhouse Governor Physician Not In Practice Grad Glas UniversityCleland, Lanark, Scotland
Annie MC GREGORM34FWifePoorhouse MatronCrieff, Perth, Scotland
Donald MC GREGOR 10MSonScholarGlasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Isabella MC GREGOR  8FDaurScholarCrieff, Perth, Scotland
John MC GREGOR  6MSonScholarCrieff, Perth, Scotland
Annie MC GREGOR  4FDaurScholarCrieff, Perth, Scotland
Peter ANDERSONW58MAssistantAssist Poorhouse GovernorBlackford, Perth, Scotland
David BAYNEU58MInmatePauper General LabourerMethven, Perth, Scotland
Jane CUMMINGW64FInmatePauper No OccupnOld Machar, Aberdeen, Scotland
Elizabeth CURRIEW79FInmatePauper HawkerMadderty, Perth, Scotland
Helen DAVIDSONW64FInmatePauper Domes ServCrieff, Perth, Scotland
William DUNCANSONU63MInmatePauper Formerly JoinerDoune, Perth, Scotland
David FAICHNEYU39MInmatePauper ShoemakerAuchterarder, Perth, Scotland
Rebecca FERGUSONW82FInmatePauper HawkerGibrartar
John GOURLAYU23MInmatePauper General LabrCrieff, Perth, Scotland
Helen HEPBURNU32FInmatePauper Domes ServEdinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland
James LAIDLAWW49MInmatePauper Genl LabrCallander, Perth, Scotland
William LANGW55MInmatePauper Genl LabrBarrhead, Renfrew, Scotland
James LENNOXW80MInmatePauper SailorBlackford, Perth, Scotland
Andrew MAILERU70MInmatePauper General LabrAuchterarder, Perth, Scotland
John MC FARLANEU22MInmatePauper DyerAuchterarder, Perth, Scotland
Margaret MC FARLANEW75FInmatePauper No OccupnPerth, Perth, Scotland
Hugh MC GREGORW77MInmatePauper Cotton WeaverCrieff, Perth, Scotland
James MC GREGORU60MInmatePauper No OccupnCallander, Perth, Scotland
Alexander MC INTYREW65MInmatePauper TailorForgandenny, Perth, Scotland
William MC LARENU60MInmatePauper Genl LabrCrieff, Perth, Scotland
Peter MC LEISHU45MInmatePauper BakerCrieff, Perth, Scotland
Robert MC RUERU57MInmatePauper Farm ServKilmadock, Perth, Scotland
Arthur MENZIES  4MInmatePauperPerth, Perth, Scotland
Jemima MENZIES  1FInmatePauperAuchterarder, Perth, Scotland
Margaret MENZIESU39FInmatePauper Domes ServDunning, Perth, Scotland
James MONCRIEFFU69MInmatePauper Farm ServTibbermuir, Perth, Scotland
Isabella PATERSONW79FInmatePauper No OccupnKilmadock, Perth, Scotland
James ROYU63MInmatePauper Coal MinerCrieff, Perth, Scotland
John ROYU26MInmatePauper No OccupnGlasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Robert SCOTTW72MInmatePauper Cotton WeaverPerth, Perth, Scotland
Helen STALKERU16FInmatePauper No OccupnCrieff, Perth, Scotland
James STALKERU18MInmatePauper HawkerCrieff, Perth, Scotland
William STEELM62MInmatePauper Cotton WeaverAuchterarder, Perth, Scotland
David STEWARTU50MInmatePauper General LabourerAuchterarder, Perth, Scotland
Jean WEIRW89FInmatePauper No OccupnStirling, Stirling, Scotland

Total residents: 41

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