Officers and Staff of Milton Union and Workhouse, 1908.

The members of the Board of Guardians are :- Messrs. R. J. Tylden (representing Milsted), R. G. E. Locke (Hartlip), E. B. Gascoyne (Bapchild), W.F. Drake (Bobbing), A. Tidy (Borden), W. J. Jarrett (Bredgar), H. W. South (Lower Halstow), M. Bensted (Iwade), R. Cooper (Kingsdown), J. Filmer, G. Gransden, and J. Bray (Milton), T. Bensted (Murston), A. Harnett (Newington), R. M. W. Wakeley and E. Kemp (Rainham), A. J. Thomas (Rodmersham), C. B. Burley, F. Cleaver, G. H. Dean, J. T. Harris, and R. A. Hadaway (Sittingbourne), W. F. Wood (Tong), H. Greensted (Tun­stall), and J. Wakeley (Upchurch). Mr. R. J. Tylden is the Chairman, and Mr. R. G. E. Locke is Vice-Chairman.

The Committees are as follows:-

Assessment Committee: Messrs. R. J. Tylden (chairman), C. H. Dean, R. G. E. Locke, M. Bensted, E. B. Gascoyne, T. Bensted, A. Tidy, R. A. Hadaway, A. Hamett, A. J. Thomas, F. Cleaver, and J. Filmer. The meetings of the Assessment Committee are held monthly, following the ordinary meeting of the Guardians and Rural District Council (about mid­day). Clerk to Committee: E. Cecil Harris.

Finance Committee: Messrs. R. J. Tylden (chairman), R. G. E. Locke, T. Bensted, A. Tidy J. Filmer, and G. H. Dean.

The Officers of the Milton Union, with their salaries per annum, are:-

Clerk: Ernest Cecil Harris £135
Treasurer: Henry Payne___
Rate Collector: Albert John Turner £425
Local Government Board Inspector: Arthur Belmore Lowry___
Poor Law District Auditor: Nugent Charles Simner___
Workhouse Medical Officer: Dr. H. H. Fisher £100
Medical Officer for Bobbing, Borden, Iwade, and Milton: Dr. G. P. Willan £63
Medical Officer for Bapchild, Bredgar, Kingsdown, Milsted, Murston,
Rodmersham, Sittingbourne, Tong, and Tunstall: Dr. H. H. Fisher£78
Medical Officer for Halstow, Hartlip, Newington, Rainham, and Upchurch:
Dr. F. W. H. Penfold£63
Public Vaccinator for Bapchild, Bobbing, Borden, Bredgar, Iwade, Kingsdown,
Milsted, Milton, Murston, Rodmersham, Sittingbourne, Tong, and Tunstall:
Dr. W. Gosse___
Public Vaccinator for Halstow, Hartlip, Newington, Rainham, and Upchurch: Dr. E. A. McAnally___
Vaccination Officer: W. W. Palmer___

The Workhouse, situated in North Street, Milton, is a large and ramb­ling series of buildings built in 1835 for 350 inmates. An in­firmary was added about thirty years ago. In 1905 a large residence known as Church House, standing about a quarter of a mile from the Workhouse, was acquired as a, home for girls. The principal Officers at the Workhouse, with their salaries, are:-

Master: Edward Croucher £100
Matron: F. J. A. Croucher £66
Labour Master: Walter Woodhouse£42
Baker and Cook : Morris Cheesman£35
Girls' Industrial Trainer : C. J. Taylor£30
Boys' Industrial Trainer: Richard Hayman£30
Porter: F. T. Ash £30
Master's Clerk: S. P. Croucher£30
Nurse: W. Chapman£30
Nurse: Lucy Ophelia Short£30
Assistant Matron: V. Harnden £30
Superintendent of Female Vagrants : Alice Young £25
Aged Women's Attendant: E. Debenham £25
Chaplain : Rev. T. T. L. Morgan £75

The Relieving Officer to the Milton Union is Mr. William Roberts Baum whose salary is £140 p.a. In addition he acts as collector to the Guardians and receives 10% of his collections. Mr. Baum is also Inspector under the Infant Life Protection Act for which he receives £5 p.a. The Relieving Officer's office is at the Workhouse and he resides at Chalkwell Road, Milton.

Sittingbourne (Kent), Milton & District Directory, 1908.
(Kindly contributed by John Adie)

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