If you are thinking of contacting me, PLEASE read the information below first as it may very well answer your enquiry.:
1. If you have a query or problem relating to your family history research, please see the Help! page for advice. I'm afraid I'm not able to help with individual family history detective work.
2. For information on locating workhouse records, see my Records/Archives page.
3. If you are interested in re-using material from this site please see the Help! page.
4. If you are interested in my giving a talk to your group, see the Talks page.
5. If you want to hire former workhouse premises for events such as ghost-hunting etc. I CANNOT HELP - you need to contact the current owners or residents of the property concerned.
6. To support the work of the Workhouse web site, please visit the donations page.
7. If you have:
  • Comments about this site
  • Contributions or corrections to its content
  • Information, photos etc. that could be included.
  • A media project you'd like to discuss

Please email me ( — please note that it's 'workhouses' not 'workhouse'.

Thank you for your interest.
Peter Higginbotham

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