1881 Census: Residents of Thurso Combination Poor House, Halkirk, Caithness, Scotland

William BELLW70MHeadHouse Governor & Chelsea PensionerKinross, Kinross, Scotland
William HENDERSONU64MPorterHouse PorterHalkirk, Caithness, Scotland
Elizabeth IRVINEU17FServDom ServAlloa, Clackmannan, Scotland
Jane COGHILLU22FServDom Serv CookOlrig, Caithness, Scotland
Duncan CAMPBELLW75MInmateFarm ServBlindStrabean, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland
Ann COGHILL  1FInmateHalkirk, Caithness, Scotland
Jane COGHILL  3FInmateOlrig, Caithness, Scotland
Elizabeth CRAIKU 4FInmateOlrig, Caithness, Scotland
James GUNNU11MInmateScholarHalkirk, Caithness, Scotland
Donald HENDERSONU6mMInmateOlrig, Caithness, Scotland
Isabella KEITHW65FInmateDom ServCulloden, Inverness, Scotland
Alexander LEVACH  8MInmateScholarReay, Caithness, Scotland
Johan MACKAYU24FInmateDom ServThurso, Caithness, Scotland
Arthur ROSIEU 5MInmateScholarEdinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland
William ROSIEU13MInmateScholarMusselbourgh, Edinburgh, Scotland
Elizabeth STEVEN  4FInmateThurso, Caithness, Scotland
Ann SWANSONU32FInmateDom ServThurso, Caithness, Scotland
Jane SWANSON  1FInmateThurso, Caithness, Scotland
William SWANSON  1MInmateThurso, Caithness, Scotland
Ann WATTU22FServDom Serv Ho MaidOlrig, Caithness, Scotland

Total residents: 20

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