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Aldershot, Hampshire

The parish of Aldershot (sometimes formerly spelt Aldershott) and Bentley was incorporated under Gilbert's Act of 1782 which allowed it greater control over its management of poor relief, including the power to set up a workhouse for the elderly and infirm and children. The building that it used as a workhouse dated from 1629 and was the home of Sir Richard Tichbourne. Precisely when it became a workhouse is uncertain, although it is shown as such on a map of 1816. The building was enlarged in 1838-40.

In 1846, Aldershot became part of the new Farnham Poor Law Union and in 1849 the building was taken over for use as a school by the Farnham and Hartley Wintney School District. In 1855, the building was bought by the Board of Ordnance for use as a hospital by Aldershot Camp. Its location and layout are shown on the 1897 map below:

Aldershot workhouse site, 1897.

Aldershot main building from the south-east, 2001.

Aldershot main building from the east, 2001.

Aldershot main building from the south-east, 2001.

The building is now used as a community centre for military personnel.


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