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Dalkeith, Midlothian

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Dalkeith Combination comprised the 12 parishes of Borthwick, Carrington, Cockpen, Cranston, Crichton, Dalkeith, Fala, Lasswade, Liberton, Newbattle, Newton and Temple. The total population of the member parishes in 1881 was 38,104.

The Dalkeith poorhouse was built in 1848-9 at a site to the south-west of Dalkeith at Eskbank. The architect was William Lambie Moffatt. The buildings did not follow the popular T-shaped or H-shaped poorhouse layouts but comprised a single square block with some small out-buildings to each side. The site location and layout are shown on the 1908 map below.

Dalkeith site, 1908

Dalkeith poorhouse from the west, c.1905.
Courtesy of Craig Statham.

After 1930, the poorhouse became Westfield Park Institution and Home, acting as a Poor Law Institution for the county of Midlothian. In 1946, it had accommodation for 113 inmates including 8 certified mental defectives.

The building, subsequently known as Westfield House, is now (2001) used as office accommodation.

Former Dalkeith poorhouse from the north-west, 2001.
© Peter Higginbotham.

Former Dalkeith poorhouse from the west, 2001.
© Peter Higginbotham.

Former Dalkeith poorhouse from the south, 2001.
© Peter Higginbotham.




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