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Alstonefield, Staffordshire

The Alstonefield (sometimes spelled Alstonfield) Union was formed in 1818 under the terms of Gilbert's Act of 1782. The Act gave parishes greater control over the administration of poor relief including the ability to operate workhouses for the elderly and infirm and children. The Alstonefield Union originally comprised three parishes, but a further 41 joined subsequently. The Union had a workhouse in the centre of Alstonefield which is believed to have been a conversion of an existing building in 1818.

Alstonefield former workhouse, 2005.
© Peter Higginbotham.

Because of its Gilbert Union status, Alstonefield was largely exempt from the provisions of the 1834 Act. It continued in operation with a reduced membership of four parishes (Alstonefield, Butterton, Grindon, and Wetton) until 1869 when all remaining Gilbert Unions were dissolved. The parishes of Alstonefield and Wetton then became part of the Ashbourne Poor Law Union, with Butterton and Grindon joining the Leek Union.

The former Alstonefield workhouse is now used as residential and holiday accommodation.


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