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New Monkland, Lanarkshire

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New Monkland, situated to the north-west of Airdrie, erected a parish poorhouse at the east side of Commonhead Street. The site location and layout are shown on the 1912 map below.

New Monkland site, 1912

The design appears to have followed the layout typical of smaller Scottish poorhouses. A small porter's lodge lay at the south of the site. The main block faced to the south-west. At its centre would probably have been the Governor's quarters with the dining-hall and kitchen behind. Separate male and female accommodation was provided at each side. At the rear of the main building were various utility rooms and workshops. A further block to the north-east may have housed an infirmary.

After 1930, the poorhouse became Thrashbush House Poor Law Institution accommodating destitute persons. In addition, 34 of its beds were used for the care of the sick.

The poorhouse buildings no longer exist.




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  • North Lanarkshire Archives, North Lanarkshire Heritage Centre, High Road, Motherwell ML1 3HU. Holdings: Parochial Board minute books of Poorhouse Committee (1863-1924); Parochial Board scroll minute book of Poorhouse Committee (1867-86, 1898-1908, 1913-1924); Poorhouse Governors' journal. (1871-1930); Poorhouse register of inmates (1849-62); Poorhouse report book of offences and punishments (1862-1930); Thrashbush Home Committee Minutes (1932-39, 1952-75); Thrashbush Home's copies of Rules and Regulations for the Management of Poorhouses (Two Editions: 1881-1890).


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