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Metropolitan Asylums Board Institutions

In 1867, the Metropolitan Asylums Board (MAB) was set up to take over from London's workhouses the care of harmless lunatics, imbeciles and infectious cases. This it did through the provision of special asylums, fever hospitals, and a variety of other establishments as listed below. Further information on the MAB itself is given on a separate page.

Isolation Hospitals - Fever
Brook Hospital, Shooter's Hill
Eastern Hospital, Homerton
Grove Hospital, Tooting
North-Eastern Hospital, Tottenham
North-Western Hospital, Hampstead
Park Hospital, Hither Green
South-Eastern Hospital, Deptford
South-Western Hospital, Stockwell
Western Hospital, Fulham
Isolation Hospitals - Convalescent (Fever)
Northern Hospital, Winchmore Hill
Southern Hospital, Dartford
Isolation Hospitals - Fever or Smallpox
Joyce Green Hospital, Dartford
Orchard Hospital, Dartford
Gore Farm, Dartford
Isolation Hospitals - Smallpox
Hospital Ships Atlas, Endymion and Castalia, Dartford
Long Reach Pier Buildings, Dartford
Long Reach Hospital, Dartford
Isolation Hospital - Ophthalmia Neonatorum
St Margaret's Hospital, Kentish Town
Venereal Diseases
Sheffield Street Hospital, WC2
Colindale Hospital, Hendon
Grove Park Hospital, SE12
High Wood Hospital for Children, Brentwood
King George V Sanatorium, Godalming
Millfield, Rustington
Pinewood, Wokingham
Princess Mary's Hospital for Children (East Cliff House), Margate
St George's Home, Chelsea
St Luke's Hospital, Lowestoft
Mental Hospitals
Caterham Mental Hospital, Surrey
Darenth Mental Hospital, Kent
Edmonton Colony for Sane Epileptics
Fountain Mental Hospital, SW17
Leavesden Mental Hospital, Abbot's Langley
Tooting Bec Hospital, SW17
Children's Institutions
Bridge Hospital, Witham
Darenth School for Imbeciles, Kent
Downs Hospital for Children, Sutton
High Wood Hospital for Children, Brentwood
Goldie Leigh Homes, SE2
Millfield, Rustington
Princess Mary's Hospital for Children (East Cliff House), Margate
Queen Mary's Hospital for Children, Carshalton
St Anne's Convalescent Home, Herne Bay
White Oak, Swanley Junction Small Homes for 'Mental Defectives' Remand Homes
Training Ships
Exmouth Goliath
Casual Poor
MAB Casual Wards
The Hostel, EC1
The Night Office, Charing Cross
Ambulance Stations - Land Service
History of the Service
Brook, Shooter's Hill
Eastern, E9
North-Western, Hampstead
South-Eastern, SE14
South-Western, SW9
Western, SW6
Long Reach Tramway, Dartford
Mechanical Transport Dept, SW6
Ambulance Stations - River Service
History of the Service
North Wharf, Manager's Street, Blackwall
South Wharf, Trinity Street, Rotherhithe
West Wharf, Carnwath Road, Fulham
Steamers — Albert Victor, Geneva Cross, Maltese Cross, Red Cross, and White Cross


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