Millfield Seaside Home, Rustington, Sussex

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The Millfield Seaside Home (later Millfield Hospital) was seaside sanatorium for the treatment of up to 120 children suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis operated by the Metropolitan Asylums Board. It opened on 6th April, 1904, and was located at Rustington near Littlehampton in Sussex. The site location and layout are shown on the 1912 map below.

Millfield Home site, 1912.

Treatments provided included sea-bathing and balneo-therapy (a form of hydrotherapy).

Millfield Seaside Home from the south-east, c.1920s.
© Peter Higginbotham

The westernmost building was known as "B" Block.

Millfield Seaside Home "B" Block from the south-east, c.1926.
© Peter Higginbotham

Millfield Seaside Home detail.
© Peter Higginbotham

Millfield - a group off to sea-bathe, c.1926.
© Peter Higginbotham

Millfield sea-bathing, c.1926.
© Peter Higginbotham

Millfield sea-water spraying, c.1926.
© Peter Higginbotham

In 1930, control of the Home passed to the London County Council. It closed in 1948 and the site is now a housing estate.



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