1881 Census: Residents of Anglesey Union Workhouse, Amlwch, Anglesey, Wales

Meshach THOMASM52MHeadMaster Of WorkhouseLlanbadarn Fawr, Cardigan
Grace Pryse THOMASM36FWifeMatron Of WorkhouseLlanrhyddlad, Anglesey
Sophia Grace THOMASU11FDauScholarAmlwch, Anglesey
Pryse Lewis THOMAS  9MSonScholarAmlwch, Anglesey
Robert Arthur THOMAS  5MSonScholarAmlwch, Anglesey
Anne Catherine THOMAS  3FDauScholarAmlwch, Anglesey
Llewelyn Blackwell THOMAS  2MSonAmlwch, Anglesey
Ellen GRIFFITHSU20FServantDomestic ServantLlechylched, Anglesey
Elizabeth ANGELO40FInmate (Head)Llanerchymedd, Anglesey
Hugh ANGEL  4MInmate (Son)Caernarvon
John ANGEL  1MInmate (Son)Manchester
Peter ANGEL  6MInmate (Son)Caernarvon
Robert ANGEL 12MInmate (Son)Llanerchymedd, Anglesey
William ANGEL  9MInmate (Son)Liverpool
Hannah Ellen EVANS 13FInmateLlanfechell, Anglesey
Jane EVANSW51FInmateLlanfechell, Anglesey
Mary EVANSU51FInmateFormerly HousemaidLunaticAmlwch, Anglesey
Mary FRANCISU21FInmateGeneral ServantAmlwch, Anglesey
William Jones FRANCIS 6 MInmateAmlwch, Anglesey
Margaret HAGARTYW83FInmateIreland
Catherine JONESU26FInmateGeneral ServantAmlwch, Anglesey
Grace Thompson JONES 8 FInmateAmlwch, Anglesey
Hugh Owen JONES  9MInmateAmlwch, Anglesey
Matthew Thomson JONES  4MInmateAmlwch, Anglesey
Thomas LUTTONU40MInmateLiverpool
William MOSTYNU61MInmateFormerly FarmerImbecileAmlwch, Anglesey
Anne OWENU72FInmateImbecileLlanbadrig, Anglesey
Thomas OWENU 9MInmateLlangefni, Anglesey
Letitia ROBERTS 16FInmateLiverpool
Charles Ed. STUARTU20MInmatePrinters Jober & CompositorManchester
John TAYLORU41MInmateLabourerRuyton, Shropshire, England
Edward THOMAS  9MInmateLlandyfnan, Anglesey
William THOMASU59MInmateIdiotLlanfaireithaf, Anglesey
Anne WILLIAMS 11FInmateLlanfaireithaf, Anglesey
Ellen WILLIAMSW79FInmateLlanfaireithaf, Anglesey

Total residents: 35

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