Antrim Union Workhouse Infants 1872-4

Infants born in, or admitted under twelve months old and healthy to, the Antrim union workhouse in the years 1872-4, and what had become of them by 1879.

Margaret J. GillespieDischarged
Patrick DunniganDischarged
Margaret FisherDischarged
Ellen RitchieDischarged
John McCormackDischarged
Frederick DevlinDischarged
Catherine JohnstonDischarged
Letitia CousinsDischarged
Mary FitzgeraldDischarged
Thomas MeehanDischarged
Agnes O'NeillDischarged
Martha Stewart Healthy
James FisherDischarged
Charles MainesDischarged
Thomas CurryDischarged
Jane TonerDead
Mary DevlinDischarged
Thomas CluffHealthy
Henry McKendryDischarged
John OrrHealthy
William J. McCleanDead
Ellen LyttleDischarged
Henry AdamsonDischarged
Eliza FergusonDischarged
James MulhollandDischarged
Nancy MageeDischarged
Charlotte A. FitzgeraldDischarged
Elizabeth BoydDischarged
Ann MaguireDischarged
David DaltonDischarged
Mary J. CairnsDischarged
Emily McCantDischarged
William D. LoughDischarged
Margaret McVeighDischarged
Ellen McCoyDischarged
Margaret MainesDischarged
Mary Dogherty Discharged
Martha DowneyDischarged
Hugh JohnstonDischarged
Elizabeth OrrHealthy
Elizabeth JohnstonDischarged
Rose A WatsonDischarged
Thomas BrennanDischarged
Margaret JohnstonDischarged
Martha TwigletyDead
Mary J. MontgomeryDead
Thomas McCallionDischarged
Elizabeth McAnallyDischarged
Maria RandellDead
Mary DonaghyDischarged
Mary J. TaggartDischarged
Elizabeth YoungDischarged
James JohnstonDead
Samuel AshDischarged
Hugh MooreDischarged
Margaret A. RobinsonDischarged
James ClaptonDischarged
Mary J. LoughnisDischarged
Jane SimpsonDischarged
Samuel BellDischarged
Jana GreerDischarged
Jane ClaptonDischarged
Samuel McCleanDischarged
James DonaldsonDischarged
W. A. RobinsonDischarged
Mary J. FitzgeraldDischarged
Sarah J. BellDischarged

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