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Athlone Union Workhouse Infants 1872-4

Infants born in, or admitted under twelve months old and healthy to, the Athlone union workhouse in the years 1872-4, and what had become of them by 1879.

Christy MulrenanDead
Bridget LawlerDischarged
Catherine BlackDischarged
Michael WalshDischarged
Patrick McCurkDischarged
Joseph HarveyDischarged
Margaret CostelloDischarged
Julia JohnstonDead
William MoranDischarged
Terence McDonnellDischarged
Mary StantonDischarged
Owen NearyDischarged
Margaret HayesDischarged
Mary Anne McCormickDischarged
Michael LellyDead
Mary GriffinDischarged
Anne MagrathDischarged
Thomas GurrenDischarged
Patrick BannonDischarged
Edward KellyDischarged
Rose KeanDischarged
Mary FarrellDischarged
Mary Anne McCormickDischarged
Mary MaganDead
Mary GatelyDischarged
Catherine FinnDischarged
Henry DarnonDischarged
Margaret HayesDischarged
Teresa McFaddenDischarged
Mary Jane CostelloDischarged
Maria MageeDischarged
Anne ShannonDead
Mary Anne WestDischarged
Bridget DoyleDischarged
Mary BurkeDischarged
Mary Anne LarkinDischarged
Mary ShineDead
John KellyDischarged
John NaughtonDischarged
Isaac FlynnDischarged
Kate ClearyDead
James AllenDischarged
Peter CaulfieldDischarged
John GradyHealthy
Anne KennyDischarged
Mary Anne HyndsDischarged
James BarnesDischarged
Maria FallonDischarged
Thomas HamiltonDischarged
Mary McCarthyDischarged
Francis McDonnellDischarged
Patrick SullivanDischarged
Patrick MasonDischarged
James BurnsDischarged
Michael TooleyDischarged
Thomas MahonyDischarged
Bridget PurchaseDischarged
Theresa SmithDischarged
Charles CostelloDead
James FallonDischarged
John BannonDischarged
Terenda LittleDischarged
Agnes KaneDischarged
Henry McCormickDischarged

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