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Long-term Workhouse Inmates in Axbridge Union, Somerset, 1861

In 1861, the Poor Law Board published a return of the name every adult pauper who had been a workhouse inmate for a continuous period of five years or more, together with the duration of their residence (in years and months), the reason for it, and whether they had been brought up in a District or separate Workhouse School. It was noted that the term 'District School' had been widely misinterpreted by respondents as meaning any school in the local area, such as a national or private school, and that there was only one instance in the whole report of an inmate actually having been in such a school.

Sarah Bailey200Idioticno.
Maria Andrews180dittono.
Eliza Coles190Paralysed and dumbno.
Jane Mainefrom infancyIdiotno.
Sarah Hill170dittono.
Eliza Fisher90dittono.
Louisa Goodgroomefrom birthDiseased and lameworkh. school.
James Rogers190Old ageno.
Robert Vaughn200Idiot, subject to fitsworkh. school.
Walter Coles216Blindno.
William Durston56Idiotno.
John Vowles150Old agenot known.
Job Dymock196Idiotnot known.
Charles Mitchell90Infirm, from ageno.
William Day70Subject to fitsno.
Robert Fry60Idiotno.

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