1851 Census: Residents of Bury Union Workhouse at Heap, Heywood

NameAgeOccupationPlace of Birth
George LORD46GovernorSpotland, Lancs
Elizabeth LORD46MatronKirkham, Lancs
Ann LORD19Assistant MatronHeywood, Lancs
Alfred LORD16Rail Clerk?Heywood, _Lancs
William BECKWORTH17VisitorDuckinfield, Ches
Elizabeth SCARFE28VisitorBury, Lancs
John SMITH19VisitorAccrington, Lancs
Elizabeth ASTON22PauperHeywood, Lancs
Hannah BARNES73Pauper HousewifeHolmfirth, York
Ann BAWLINGTON66PauperPilkington, Lancs
Ann BLUNT22Pauper Cotton WeaverHeywood, Lancs
Eliza BLUNT27Pauper Cotton ReelerHeap, Lancs
Emilia BLUNT2PauperHeap, Lancashire
Betty BRADSHAW54PauperHeywood, Lancs
Mary BROWN57PauperLondon, Middlesex
Margaret CHADWICK56Pauper Nailmaker's wifeHeywood, Lancs
Alice CHATTERTON15PauperElton, Lancs
Mary DEARDEN51Mangle WomanShaw, Lancs
Mary DRIVER55Pauper WeaverHeywood, Lancs
Lucy ECCLES43Pauper Cotton WeaverBury, Lancs
Paul ECCLES4Bury, Lancs
Betty EMERSON62PauperPilkington, Lancs
Mary ENNIS26Pauper CharwomanDublin, Ireland
Martha FENTON43PauperCockdale, Lancs
Rebecca FIELDING40PauperWalmsley, Lancs
Ann GREENHALGH34PauperTottington, Lancs
Ann GREENWOOD22PauperTottington, Lancs
Ann HALL39Heap, Lancs
Betty HALL27Pauper Cotton ReelerPilsworth, Lancs
Samuel HALL2PauperPilsworth, Lancs
Betty HEYWOOD63PauperElmley, Yorks
Ellen HOLT76PauperHeywood, Lancs
Martha HOLT39Heap, Lancs
Nancy HORROX22Pauper Cotton WinderHeap, Lancs
Alice HORROX48PauperRatcliffe, Lancs
Mary HOWARTH6PauperBury, Lancs
Alice HOWORTH35Pauper CharwomanHeap, Lancs
Ann HOWORTH76PauperPilkington, Lancs
Margaret HOWORTH27PauperCrook, Durham
Jane HULMES55Pauper Cotton DrawerLondon, Middlesex
Eliza JONES21PauperPilkington, Lancs
Hannah JONES22Heap, Lancs
Jane JONES25PauperPilkington, Lancs
Ann KERKMAN45Unsworth, .Lancs
Ann KERSHAW49PauperManchester
Maria KERSHAW31Stretford, Lancs
William KERSHAW6Heap, Lancs
Ann LEE76PauperPilkington, Lancs
Mary LILLY27PauperTottington, Lancs
Mary MAXHAM29PauperRatcliffe, Lancs
Thomas NORRIS1Castleton, Lancs
Elizabeth NUTTALL15PauperIreland
Mary OGDEN52PauperPilkington, Lancs
Mary Ann OLIVE32Radcliffe, Lancs
Betty PARKE46PauperElton, Lancs
Sally PARTINGTON39Heywood, Lancs
Ann PENDLEBURY38Radcliffe, Lancs
James PENDLEBURY2Heap, Lancs
Sarah PENDLEBURY4Radcliffe, Lanes
Sarah PICUP22PauperBury, Lancs
Sarah POLLITT84Pauper Weaver's WifeShaw, Lancs
Betty RAMSBOTTOM6PauperRatcliffe, Lancs
Jane RAMSBOTTOM41PauperRatcliffe, Lancs
Mary RAMSBOTTOM2PauperHeap, Lancs
Ann RICHARDSON75PauperBury, Lancs
Alice RICUP71PauperWalmsley, Lancs
Rebecca RUDMAN80Pauper CharwomanSpotland, Lancs
Martha SAGAR3Heap, Lancs
Betty SANDERSON60Pauper ServantShaw, Lancashire
Betty SAXON77Heap, Lancs
Martha SCHOFIELD5PauperHeap, Lancs
Alfred SMITH20Heap, Lancs
Elizabeth SMITH57PauperHeywood, Lancs
Emma SMITH28Radcliffe, Lancs
Alice STOTT60PauperBury, Lanes
Harriot STOTT31PauperHeap, Lancs
Alice TAYLOR25Heap, Lancs
Eliza TAYLOR30PauperHeap, Lancs
Joseph TAYLOR?PauperHeap, Lancs
Susannah TURNER39Pauper Cotton ReelerAshworth, Lancs
Ann WARREN89Halifax, Yorks
Sarah WHITEHEAD70Pauper Cotton DrawerHaslingden, Lancs
Betty WILD24PauperHeywood, Lancs
Mary Ann WILD3 daysPauperHeywood, Lancs
Bett WILKINSON34PauperHeap, Lancs
William WILKINSON4PauperBury, Lancs
Ann WILSON27Tottington, Lancs
Esther YATES77PauperAppleby, Wmorland
Ann YOUNG80Pauper CharwomanHeywood, Lancs

Total residents: 89

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