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1881 Census: Residents of Cerne Union Workhouse

Herbert JACOBSM39MHeadMaster Of WorkhouseBishopstone, Wiltshire
Susanna Phelp JACOBSM28FWifeMatron Of WorkhouseSt Austell, Cornwall
Amy JACOBS8mFDaurCerne, Dorset
George ANTELLW75MInmateFormerly Ag Lab PauperCerne, Dorset
Elias BARTLETTU51MInmateFormerly Ag Lab PauperFrome St Quentin, Dorset
Henry BECK14MInmateScholarCerne Union, Dorset
William BOWW84MInmateAg Lab PauperBatcombe, Dorset
Jessie BURGESS14FInmateScholarSydling, Dorset
Jemima COURTNEYU34FInmateDairymans Daughter PauperBlindTemple Coombe, Somerset
Charles CROCKER11MInmateScholarBatcombe, Dorset
George CROCKER12MInmateScholarBatcombe, Dorset
Robert CROCKER 8MInmateScholarBatcombe, Dorset
William CROCKER10MInmateScholarBatcombe, Dorset
Charles CURTISU76MInmateFormerly Blacksmith PauperBuckland, Dorset
Richard DOWNTON14MInmateScholarSherborne, Dorset
William EDWARDSW73MInmateFormerly Baker PauperTolpuddle, Dorset
George FOSTERU38MCasual InmateBlacksmithFrome, Somerset
Benjamin GROVESU58MInmateFormerly Tan Yd Lab PauperCerne, Dorset
Samuel KIMBERU52MCasual InmateAg LabE Mulbury, Dorset
John LOVELLW88MInmateFormerly Ag Lab PauperBlind & DeafPlush, Dorset
Ellen MITCHELL14FInmatePauperCerne Union, Dorset
H.F.A. MITCHELL 9MInmatePauperCerne Union, Dorset
Susanna MITCHELLU42FInmateDomestic Serv PauperPulham, Dorset
John MULLETTW59MInmateAg Lab PauperBlindMinterne, Dorset
Jane PARTINGTONU24FInmateDomestic Serv PauperYetminster, Dorset
Wm.Geo. PARTINGTON2mMInmateCerne Union, Dorset
Elizabeth PERRETU34FInmateDomestic Serv PauperCerne, Dorset
Kate PERRET 1FInmatePauperCerne, Dorset
Mary PERRETW83FInmateLetter Carrier PauperBamwell, Somerset
Thomas PERRET14MInmateCerne, Dorset
William ROLLSW78MInmateFormerly Ag Lab PauperHazelbury, Dorset
John THOMPSONW41MCasual InmateShoemakerPortsmouth, Hampshire
Solomon WARRU80MInmateFormerly Ag Lab PauperWootton Glanville, Dorset

Total residents: 33

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