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Long-term Workhouse Inmates Chelsea in St Luke's, 1861

In 1861, the Poor Law Board published a return of the name every adult pauper who had been a workhouse inmate for a continuous period of five years or more, together with the duration of their residence (in years and months), the reason for it, and whether they had been brought up in a District or separate Workhouse School. It was noted that the term 'District School' had been widely misinterpreted by respondents as meaning any school in the local area, such as a national or private school, and that there was only one instance in the whole report of an inmate actually having been in such a school.

George Anson210Infirmity and old ageno.
James Anton56Blindno.
Peter Brooks80Bad sightno.
Thomas Clothier50Old ageno.
William Carr70dittono.
John Evans50Crippled handno.
Edward Foster110Old ageno.
John Fell80Crippleno.
William Fox70Old ageno.
Sarah Green60dittono.
James Gutteridge100Deaf and dumbno.
Edward Hill80Weak intellectno.
Joseph House100Weak sightno.
John Hedges70Age and infirmityno.
Joseph Lamb70Ageno.
James Maich70Age and weak sightno.
Anthony Millench110Age and infirmityno.
Henry Meggison80Idiotno.
Henry Orme240Weak intellectno.
William Proctor140dittono.
George Rowleyson70Old ageno.
John Rush110dittono.
Alexander Thompson80Idiotno.
William Handscomb80Infirmityno.
John Welltam80Age and infirmityno.
Charles Wilkins100dittono.
John Watts70dittono.
Mary Atkinson200dittono.
Mary Austin180dittono.
Theresa Alsop220Subject to fitsno.
Mary Butler50Infirmityno.
Mary Berry90Subject to fitsno.
Phoebe Beasley70Old ageno.
Judith Bates50Nearly blindno.
Eliza Broad140Age, afflicted with lupusno.
Emma Chittock60Idiotno.
Elizabeth Cook70Infirmityno.
Eliza Collard70Weak intellectyes, for some time
Alice Clark50Old age and infirmityno.
Sarah French90Disturbed intellectno.
Esther Groom80Old age and infirmityno.
Maria Hughes90Age and infirmityno.
Eliza Hockey150dittono.
Jane Hockey150Crippleno.
Rebecca Hensley140Old ageno.
Mary A. Humphreys110Crippled handno.
Mary Hickson110Old ageno.
Mary Herbert120dittono.
Betsy Johnson80dittono.
Susan Knott90Afflicted with St. Vitus's danceno.
Margaret Littlefer60Afflictionno.
Margaret Lawson150Old ageno.
Sophia Luther130Blindno.
Annie Layle70Subject to fitsno.
Maria McMullins130Crippled hand, and old ageno.
Catherine Newton200Old age and infirmityno.
Ann Parry230Weak intellectno.
Mary Pitt90Old ago and infirmityno.
Eliza Ray50Weak intellectyes, for some time
Mary Ann Rowe80Infirmityno.
Ann Smith70Old age and infirmityno.
Ann Turner60dittono.
Eliza Vincent60dittono.
Sarah Wickor120Weak intellectno.
Ann Woodstock200Old age and blindno.
Sarah Willis200Lunaticno.
Sarah Wilkins200Infirmityno.
Elizabeth Young80Old age and infirmityno.
David Raw60dittono.
Emma Harold50Idiotno.

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