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1901 Census: Residents of Chester-le-Street Union Workhouse

NamePositionMar StatAgeOccupationBirthplace
Alexander AikmanHeadM57Workhouse MasterAyton, Berwickshire, Scotland
Margaret AikmanWifeM61WorkhouseBerwickshire, Scotland
John DunnOfficerM27Workhouse PorterLongridge, Preston, Lancs
Rhoda DunnOfficerM31Workhouse Porteress & laundressCoventry. Warwickshire
Jane TeasdaleOfficerS41Industrial trainerStanhope, Co Durham
Mary WoodOfficerS27Workhouse cookSunderland, Co Durham
Hannah LawsonOfficerS18Workhouse cookPelton, Co Durham
Grace BransonOfficerS31Sick nurse SuperintendentWitton Gilbert, Co Durham
Marie JaniesOfficerS28Sick nurseWales
Agnes SinclairOfficerS41Sick nurse assistantScotland
Jessie OliverOfficerS21General nurse's assistantSacriston, Co Durham

Inmates: 146

Vagrants: 18

Total residents: 175

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