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Long-term Workhouse Inmates in City of London Union, 1861

In 1861, the Poor Law Board published a return of the name every adult pauper who had been a workhouse inmate for a continuous period of five years or more, together with the duration of their residence (in years and months), the reason for it, and whether they had been brought up in a District or separate Workhouse School. It was noted that the term 'District School' had been widely misinterpreted by respondents as meaning any school in the local area, such as a national or private school, and that there was only one instance in the whole report of an inmate actually having been in such a school.

Michael Creamer107Infirmityno.
Sarah Elmore107dittono.
Martha Fidoe66dittono.
William Naylor99dittono.
Elizabeth Westwood99dittono.
Catherine Wright53dittono.
William Avard711dittono.
Elizabeth Avard711dittono.
John Brown89Weak intellectno.
Mary Ann Briggs70Infirmityno.
William Crane87dittono.
Catherine Callender82dittono.
John Charlton106dittono.
Thomas William Huttson107dittono.
Joseph Munday106dittono.
William Buxton810dittono.
Caroline Fenn106Imbecileno.
William Pattison79Infirmityno.
Charles Perring70dittono.
Eleanor Parry59dittono.
Stephen Sanderson58dittono.
James Franklin70dittono.
James Lewis106dittono.
John Cook84dittono.
Sophia Chandler53dittono.
Thomas Overton80dittono.
Richard Prowse80dittono.
Mary Prowse80dittono.
Elizabeth Smith62dittono.
Mary Adams611dittono.
Jane Cooksey76dittono.
James Kerridge106dittono.
Elizabeth Martin67dittono.
Mary Jones106dittono.
Sarah Smith86Imbecileno.
Ann Powers106Infirmityno.
Richard Barnes106dittono.
James Lidgett106dittono.
Edward Morrison60dittono.
George Bull107dittono.
William Brace106dittono.
Christiana Cooper60dittono.
George Carpenter69dittono.
Thomas Hollings64dittono.
Ann Hawkins107dittono.
Sarah Nash610dittono.
Henry Pickering107dittono.
Mary Smith106dittono.
William Tankard61dittono.
Sarah Tippetts107dittono.
Charles Williams99dittono.
Joseph Myall50dittono.
Elizabeth Southgate107dittono.
William Ware107dittono.
George Hutchins61dittono.
John Wood106dittono.
Mary Adams65Nervous debilityno.
Ann Bowling102Infirmityno.
Samuel Meek107dittono.
James Stratton105dittono.
Catherine Marshall106dittono.
Archibald Colville106dittono.
William Bunting59dittono.
James Doufty106dittono.
Elizabeth Woof77dittono.
Mary Ann Welch61dittono.
Sarah Haley106dittono.
Frederick Lee105Imbecileno.
Caroline Debenham97dittono.
Ann Gutteridge95Infirmityno.
Mary Cotten107Blindno.
Elizabeth Gadsby92dittono.
Elizabeth Short105Infirmityno.
Elizabeth Wooldridge106dittono.
Arthur Jeffery106dittono.
John Usin64dittono.
Clementina Mylrea106dittono.
Ann Stevenson511dittono.
John Cox106dittono.
John Mills106dittono.
Mary Ann Smith107dittono.
Alice Ward107dittono.
Sarah King103dittono.
Sarah Merriman107Weak intellectno.
Elizabeth Rochester106Infirmityno.
Eleanor Allen107dittono.
William Burke74dittono.
Sarah Burke56dittono.
James Herbert106dittono.
Ann Lewis97dittono.
Elizabeth Parker94dittono.
Jemima Sparks611dittono.
Frances Haydon106dittono.
Mary Riley58dittono.
John Settwood72dittono.
Keziah Steers68Imbecileno.
Nathaniel Buckey75Infirmityno.
Margaret Eady107dittono.
Sarah Lewis93dittono.
Catherine Shepherd107dittono.
Henry Bays57dittono.
William Smith60dittono.
Esther Walker107dittono.
Sarah Benton71dittono.
William McLellan94dittono.
Esther Bird50dittono.
John Connor711dittono.
Ann Prior54dittono.
Ann Lock106dittono.
Mary Wright106dittono.
Agnes Brown88dittono.
John Butcher88dittono.
William Boulton74dittono.
Elizabeth Eaton74Paralysisno.
Elizabeth Edwards74Infirmityno.
George Evans105Nervous debilityno.
Thomas Lowe106Infirmityno.
Margaret Reynolds82dittono.
Susanna Schmedlin68dittono.
Henry Westley55dittono.
Mary Neale96dittono.
John Compton57dittono.
Mary Hawkins106dittono.
Isabella Kendall106dittono.
Alexander Byrne62dittono.
Charlotte Clarke54Infirmityno.
Sarah Fielder67dittono.
Mary Gundry92dittono.
Harriet Faulkner65dittono.
Sarah Mahoney66dittono.
Sidney Strong87dittono.
James Watkins60dittono.
John Turvey80dittono.
Margaret Beverley107dittono.
John Bishop99Imbecileno.
John Burrell76Epileptic fitsno.
John Ball68Infirmityno.
Sarah Cook106Imbecileno.
Titus Fryer106Infirmity-no.
Sarah Beadle107dittono.
Martha King80dittono.
John Leigh99dittono.
Ann Earp811Imbecileno.
Charlotte Headley106dittono.
Francis Leaver106Infirmityno.
John Watkins106dittono.
William White710dittono.
Catherine White52dittono.
Henry Burroughs710dittono.
Ann Holliday106dittono.
Henry Collup106Nervous debilityno.
Elizabeth Finch74Infirmityno.
James Hitchcock106dittono.
George Ward59dittono.
Elizabeth Sarah Roberts106dittono.
Mary Ann White61dittono.
Mary Frost59dittono.
Thomas Dee94Imbecileno.
Anne Maria Perkins106dittono.
Sarah Beeby97Blindno.
Mary Ann McMahon98Imbecileno.
Mary Catherine Sharp611Infirmityno.
Martha Johnson611dittono.
Jane Elliott101dittono.
Henry Flayward97Weak intellectno.
William Spinks50Infirmityno.
Mary Mayer106dittono.
Isabella Graham107Weak intellectno.
Ann Fluendy73Infirmityno.
Henry Samuel Stokes106dittono.
Samuel Stokes106Imbecileno.
Hannah Hickman76Infirmityno.
Thomas Howard107Imbecileno.
Elizabeth Franey106Infirmityno.
Elizabeth Folkard81dittono.
Sophia Gordon610dittono.
Mary Ann Christopher89dittono.
Susan Balding106Weak intellectno.
William Barber53Infirmityno.
George Barr106dittono.
Sarah Bracknell108Imbecileno.
Thomas Connor76Infirmityno.
William Farrah611Imbecileno.
Dorothy Girton98Infirmityno.
Susan Haydon106dittono.
Margaret McCarthy106dittono.
Margaret Rafter86dittono.
Mary Rangely75dittono.
Mary Ann Simmons89Imbecileno.
William Franks80Infirmityno.
Jane Ann Roberts106Imbecileno.
Jane Anderson106Infirmityno.
Elizabeth Barnwell97dittono.
William Bonnick106Imbecileno.
William Beckenham87Infirmityno.
Charles Todd104Imbecileno.
Henry Todd99dittono.
Mary Ann Barrett50Infirmityno.
Margaret. Burns71dittono.
Robert Brind90dittono.
George Foden70dittono.
Barnard Caffrey57dittono.
Mary Morley69dittono.
William Middleton66dittono.
Samuel Oxford101dittono.
Elizabeth Riley84Imbecileno.
Martha Taylor81Infirmityno.
Ann Wells75dittono.
Elizabeth Walker53dittono.
Elizabeth Ann West75Imbecileno.
Edward Edwards106Infirmityno.
Evan Jones63Imbecileno.
Mary Ann Davis106Infirmityno.
Annette Pritchard100Imbecileno.
Ann Burford72Infirmityno.

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