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Long-term Workhouse Inmates in Greenwich Union, Kent, 1861

In 1861, the Poor Law Board published a return of the name every adult pauper who had been a workhouse inmate for a continuous period of five years or more, together with the duration of their residence (in years and months), the reason for it, and whether they had been brought up in a District or separate Workhouse School. It was noted that the term 'District School' had been widely misinterpreted by respondents as meaning any school in the local area, such as a national or private school, and that there was only one instance in the whole report of an inmate actually having been in such a school.

Daniel Lynch70Infirmitynot known.
William Gill90dittonot known.
Thomas Warren160dittonot known.
John Hendley70Want of employmentnot known.
George Mount100Weak intellectnot known.
William Wood50Cripplenot known.
Thomas Scoones60Infirmitynot known.
Charles Stagg50dittonot known.
Henry Brookman80dittonot known.
Joseph Moore110Insanitynot known.
David Tyrie130Infirmitynot known.
Edward Morris70Sicknessnot known.
James Langridge70Infirmitynot known.
Edward Boot170Cripplenot known.
George Enticott200Infirmitynot known.
Joseph Driskett60dittonot known.
James Davidson130Want of employmentnot known.
Richard Hill100Fitsnot known.
George Head120dittonot known.
Thomas Berry60Weak intellectnot known.
Thomas Willoughby80dittonot known.
George King100dittonot known.
William Barling90dittonot known.
George Moore180Infirmitynot known.
John Davison120dittonot known.
George Rawlins60dittonot known.
George Price70dittonot known.
Richard White70dittonot known.
William Burchell70dittonot known.
James Bennett200dittonot known.
William Harrison100Want of employmentnot known.
Jeremiah Sullivan90Infirmitynot known.
Charles Matthews130dittonot known.
John Shanahan100dittonot known.
Daniel Cauty110dittonot known.
Thomas Wood90Deaf and dumbnot known.
William Murphy70Infirmitynot known.
William Soanes70dittonot known.
Henry Hall120Idiotcynot known.
Ann Matthews50Weak intellectnot known.
Mary Denney120Infirmitynot known.
Margaret Day130dittonot known.
Louisa Barlow110dittonot known.
Alice Bennett60dittonot known.
Jane Griffiths80dittonot known.
Margaret Moriarty110dittonot known.
Mary McGinness110dittonot known.
Sarah Llandell90Weak intellectnot known.
Maria Llandell90dittonot known.
M. A. Hughesdon80dittonot known.
Theodore Tomlinson200Sickness and infirmitynot known.
Mary Fyfe130Infirmitynot known.
Jane Watts80dittonot known.
Mary White90dittonot known.
Hannah Brown160dittonot known.
May Davis70dittonot known.
Sarah Ingram90dittonot known.
Ann Swainscott120dittonot known.
Charlotte Nimmo70dittonot known.
Elizabeth Minton100dittonot known.
Mary Moss120dittonot known.
Ann Wiggins60Sicknessnot known.
Sophia Elliott80Infirmitynot known.
Sarah Radcliffe150dittonot known.
Mary Goodhill100dittonot known.
Ann Newstead70dittonot known.
Mary Palmer180dittonot known.
Mary Blackburn50dittonot known.
Ann Latham100Weak intellectnot known.
Elizabeth Hunt100Weak intellectnot known.
Jemima Whitfield60Idiotcynot known.
Elizabeth Mee80Infirmitynot known.
Sarah Ranson140dittonot known.
Sarah Daley100dittonot known.
Ruth Self70dittonot known.
Mary Paddell60Weak intellectnot known.
Susannah Seears50Sicknessnot known.
Maria Hitchcock50Infirmitynot known.
Mary Findley200dittonot known.
Elizabeth Burrows120dittonot known.
Jane Simmonds70dittonot known.
Eliza Clements200Weak intellectnot known.
Jane Compton90Infirmitynot known.
Mary Goldsmith200dittonot known.
Johanna Mullins90dittonot known.
Mary Powter80dittonot known.
Elizabeth Backway140dittonot known.
Mary Smart50dittonot known.
Sarah Tipp160dittonot known.
Mary Biddle100Cripplenot known.
Elizabeth Percival110Infirmitynot known.
Eliza Rouse80dittonot known.
Ann Adams100Imbecilitynot known.
Sarah Steele130Want of employmentnot known.
Rachel Payne50Weak intellectnot known.
Mary Burgess50Infirmitynot known.
Mary A. Strutton70Weak intellectnot known.
Ann Wood80Infirmitynot known.
Elizabeth Bevan80dittonot known.
Sarah Allen70Sicknessnot known.
Ann Wilson80Infirmitynot known.
Elizabeth Wilson80Sicknessnot known.
Elizabeth Wright200Weak intellectnot known.
Mary Dench90Infirmitynot known.
Mary Newell90dittonot known.
Jane Dupree180dittonot known.
Jane Sims140Weak intellectnot known.
Jane Pennall60Infirmitynot known.
Mary Barber100dittonot known.
Lavinia Bloomfield100dittonot known.
Margaret McSweeny90dittonot known.
Mary Hart50dittonot known.
Matilda Welsh50dittonot known.
Sarah Woodward70Imbecilitynot known.
Olive McDonald120dittonot known.
Jane Peebles200dittonot known.
Elizabeth Snee140Weak intellectnot known.
Mary Payne140Infirmitynot known.
Matilda Richardson90Weak intellectnot known.
Martha Crage110Cripplenot known.
Sarah Moulds70Weak intellectnot known.
Elizabeth Lee70Infirmitynot known.
Johanna Clifford90dittonot known.
Emma Jarvis90Weak intellectnot known.
Caroline Miller200dittonot known.
Caroline Newman100dittonot known.
Mary Hull60Want of employmentnot known.
Mary Jones180Weak intellectnot known.
Sarah Finch50dittonot known.
Ann Damery80Want of employmentnot known.
Norah Hackett200dittonot known.
Ann Smith50Infirmitynot known.
Mary Soans70dittonot known.
Sarah Newman60Want of employmentnot known.
Ann Stanford90Infirmitynot known.
Sarah Enticott140dittonot known.
Ann Lane50dittonot known.
Elizabeth Pelrin60dittonot known.
Jane Hewson110Infirmitynot known.
Jane Douglas90dittonot known.
Jane Powling80dittonot known.
Catherine King140Weak intellectnot known.
Sarah Follett80dittonot known.
Mary Sabine140dittonot known.
Rebecca Wood50Idiocynot known.
Jane Kellow200Insanitynot known.
Ann Peninall50Infirmitynot known.
Catherine Kelly70dittonot known.
Ann Donavon100dittonot known.
Jane Mason160dittonot known.
Mary Pyne80Insanitynot known.
Jane Weller100dittonot known.
Ann Llewellyn80dittonot known.
Mary A. Floyd120dittonot known.
Elizabeth Rule80dittonot known.
Sarah Finletter200dittonot known.
Mary Moreton100dittonot known.
Ann Thompson60dittonot known.
Hannah Davis100Infirmitynot known.
Mary A. Harradine50dittonot known.
Ann Henman60dittonot known.
Catherine Toone150dittonot known.
Mary Edwards50dittonot known.
Mary A. Fish110dittonot known.
Frances Ford120dittonot known.
Mary Gibson80dittonot known.
Mary Trull200dittonot known.
Margaret Davidson50dittonot known.
Sarah Tinsley100dittonot known.
Frances Cowen60dittonot known.
Elizabeth Clark80dittonot known.
Susannah Bridgeman200dittonot known.
Mary A. Hopson130dittonot known.
Esther Taylor190dittonot known.
Sarah Venables60dittonot known.
Margaret Marshall90dittonot known.
Mary Morgan70dittonot known.
Lucy Kelly50dittonot known.
Ann Sadgrove70dittonot known.
Elizabeth Weston70dittonot known.
Joseph Turness200Weak intellectnot known.
John Damery60Infirmitynot known.
Richard Todd140dittonot known.
James Barber70Weak intellectnot known.
John Watts80Infirmitynot known.
Thomas Nicholls200Deaf and dumbnot known.
John Hillman150Want of employmentnot known.
Thomas Young110Infirmitynot known.
William Tomlin50dittonot known.
Zebulon Baker100dittonot known.
John Sherman50dittonot known.
John Maddox100dittonot known.
Thomas Barfoot200Weak intellectnot known.
Edward Pepper70Infirmitynot known.
John Bardwell70dittonot known.
John Puplett50dittonot known.
Richard Cooper70dittonot known.
Henry Webber50Want of employmentnot known.
William Logan180dittonot known.
George West200Infirmitynot known.
John Blundell70dittonot known.
Charles Marr60Want of employmentnot known.
John Weale60Infirmitynot known.
John Day160Fitsnot known.
David Fruin80Insanitynot known.
John Brown200Infirmitynot known.
James Halford100dittonot known.
Henry Knock160Infirmitynot known.
Thomas Burrows130dittonot known.
Daniel Richardson50Sicknessnot known.
John Bray60dittonot known.
George Atkinson90Infirmitynot known.
William Thornton60Sicknessnot known.
Stephen Longhurst70dittonot known.
George Scrivnor100Insanitynot known.
William Liptrap150dittonot known.
James Davidson150Infirmitynot known.
George Davis50dittonot known.
Samuel Atkins60Sickness and infirmitynot known.
William Gray100dittonot known.
John Thomas90Sicknessnot known.

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