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1861 Census: Residents of Combination Poorhouse, Hawick, Roxburghshire

The workhouse contained 70 people — 3 staff and 67 inmates. Of the inmates 40 were male and 27 female, 33 were adults and 34 under 18 or children - 10 of the adults were over 65, 6 over 50. No-one was recorded as having defects (deaf, dumb, blind etc.)

The Governor was a John Smeaton (33, born Dumfermline, Fife). The Matron was Mrs Smeaton (29, born England). There was also a servant, Harriet Smeaton (40, single, born Dumfermline, Fife).

Among the occupations of the inmates were a stonemason, mill worker, woollen stocking maker, weavers, iron stone miner, tailor, tanner, carter and several labourers.

Information kindly contributed by Anne Ellis.

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