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1881 Census: Residents of Mere Union Workhouse

John W. HALLETTM30MHeadMaster Of WorkhouseGuernsey, Channel Islands
Catherine HALLETTM36FWifeMatron Of WorkhouseLinton, Cambridge
William HAWKERW48MPorterPorter Of WorkhouseThorncombe, Dorset
Sarah GRAYW56FNurseNurse Of WorkhouseMere, Wiltshire
Robert BAKERW89MInmateFormerly Agl Labourer (Paupers)East Knoyle, Wiltshire
Frank BATT  8MInmateScholar PauperNearly BlindBristol, Gloucester
Frank BATT  8MInmateScholar PauperNearly BlindBristol, Gloucester
Thomas BISHOPW79MInmateShoemaker PauperKilmington, Somerset
Fred BOURTON 11MInmateScholar PauperBourton, Dorset
Ann BUSHU49FInmatePauperImbecileSilton, Dorset
Caroline BUSHU46FInmateKitchen Woman PauperImbecileSilton, Dorset
Emma CURTIS 11FInmateScholar PauperMere, Wiltshire
William CURTIS  9MInmateScholar PauperMere, Wiltshire
Unity EVERETTW75FInmateImbecileKilmington, Somerset
James FELTHAMW69MInmateCarpenter PauperWest Knoyle, Wiltshire
Hannah FLETCHERW69FInmateNeedlewoman PauperImbecileEast Knoyle, Wiltshire
Louisa FORDU55FInmateNeedlewoman PauperEast Knoyle, Wiltshire
Alice FRICKER 11FInmateScholar PauperMere, Wiltshire
Elizabeth FRICKER  8FInmateScholar PauperMere, Wiltshire
Edward GOVERW65MInmateMason & Plasterer PauperMere, Wiltshire
Eliza GRAY  4FInmateSch Pauper (Cripple)Mere, Wiltshire
Fred HERRIDGE 10MInmateScholar PauperMere, Wiltshire
Elizabeth INGSU44FInmate PauperImbecileBourton, Dorset
Louisa LAMPARDU26FInmateGeneral Servant PauperEast Knoyle, Wiltshire
Maurice LAMPARD  7MInmateScholar PauperMere, Wiltshire
Montague LAMPARD  1MInmate PauperMere, Wiltshire
Henry LAWRENCE 14MInmateScholar PauperMere, Wiltshire
Elizabeth MAIDMENTU34FInmateKitchen Woman Pauper (Dom)Stourton, Wiltshire
Ellen Ada MARSHALL  5FInmatePaupers ScholarKingston Deverill, Wiltshire
Thomas MARSHALLW80MInmateAgl Labourer PauperKingston Deverill, Wiltshire
William MARSHALLU43MInmateAgl Labourer PauperImbecileKingston Deverill, Wiltshire
Edward MERRYWEATHERU71MInmateFormerly Agl LabourerSedg Hill, Wiltshire
Martha MILESU35FInmateBlind & ImbecileMaiden Bradley, Wiltshire
William MORGANW74MInmateAgl Labourer PauperMere, Wiltshire
George MOUNTY  4MInmatePaupers ScholarMere, Wiltshire
Robert NORRISW70MInmateAgl Labourer PauperImbecileMonkton Deverill, Wiltshire
Ada POLLARD  8FInmateScholar PauperZeals, Wiltshire
Augusta POLLARDM36FInmateNeedlewoman PauperBradford, Wiltshire
Edwin POLLARD  5MInmateScholar PauperZeals, Wiltshire
Francis POLLARD  1FInmate PauperZeals, Wiltshire
George POLLARDM38MInmateGame Keeper Unemployed PauperBradford, Wiltshire
John POLLARD  9MInmateScholar PauperZeals, Wiltshire
Mary POLLARD  2FInmate PauperZeals, Wiltshire
William POLLARD 11MInmateScholar PauperBruton, Somerset
Wilton POLLARD  4MInmateScholar PauperZeals, Wiltshire
James RHYALW89MInmateAgl Labourer PauperBourton, Dorset
Mary A. RIDDICK  8FInmatePaupers ScholarKingston Deverill, Wiltshire
Mary E. RYANU16FInmateFlax Factory Hand PauperWoolwich, Kent
Charles SCAMMILLU53MInmateAgl Labourer (Paupers)East Knoyle, Wiltshire
James SCREENU53MInmateFormerly Shepherd PauperImbecileZeals, Wiltshire
Frederick SHEPPARDU16MInmateAgl Labourer Pauper (Ag Lab)IdiotMere, Wiltshire
Mary A. SHEPPARDM50FInmateNeedlewoman PauperSilton, Dorset
Charles STUTERU70MInmateAgl Labourer PauperSilton, Dorset
Lilly TAYLOR  8FInmateScholar PauperMere, Wiltshire
Mary TAYLOR 10FInmateScholar PauperMere, Wiltshire
William TAYLORW76MInmateCarpenter PauperEast Knoyle, Wiltshire
Henry TROWBRIDGE 13MInmateAgl Labourer PauperCardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Albert TUDGAY  5MInmateScholar PauperMonkton Deverill, Wiltshire
Ann TUDGAYW59FInmatePaupers Domestic ServWarminster, Wiltshire
Rosa TUDGAY  4FInmatePaupers ScholarMonkton Deverill, Wiltshire
William TUDGAY  2MInmate PauperMonkton Deverill, Wiltshire
Joseph WELCHW80MInmateAgl Labourer PauperMere, Wiltshire
William WELCHW81MInmateAgl Labourer PauperMere, Wiltshire

Total residents: 63

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