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Long-term Workhouse Inmates in Portsea Island Union, Hampshire, 1861

In 1861, the Poor Law Board published a return of the name every adult pauper who had been a workhouse inmate for a continuous period of five years or more, together with the duration of their residence (in years and months), the reason for it, and whether they had been brought up in a District or separate Workhouse School. It was noted that the term 'District School' had been widely misinterpreted by respondents as meaning any school in the local area, such as a national or private school, and that there was only one instance in the whole report of an inmate actually having been in such a school.

Benjamin Phillips60Old ageno.
George Routleff90Blindno.
William Parnell90Old ageno.
Richard Reading150dittono.
Henry Burnett60dittono.
John Prince60dittono.
George Holding150Deafness, and bodily infirmityno.
Ralph Starker100Old ageno.
Thomas Marshall150dittono.
Peter Bailey110dittono.
Frederick Batchelor80Bodily infirmityno.
Francis Harvey130 General debility and lamenessno.
Harvey Youngman50Old ageno.
James Lee70dittono.
James Wilson60dittono.
William Hutchins110dittono.
David Gundry60Old ageno.
Edmund Payne100dittono.
James Trivess60dittono.
Benjamin Barber150Weak mindedno.
John Thomas70dittono.
William Champion150Deafnessno.
Cornelius West50Old ageno.
George Hobbs150dittono.
George Dowey60dittono.
James Pearce60dittono.
Charles Hewlett50Fitsno.
John Baggs80Old ageno.
Henry Ward60dittono.
Stephen Cable60dittono.
Richard Booker150Deaf and dumbno.
John Howe150Heart diseaseno.
John Nipper100Paralysisno.
William Wake60Infirmityno.
James Colley140Old ageno.
James Alderton110dittono.
Samuel Pearson50Blindno.
Edward Turner50Old ageno.
James Bragg70Heart diseaseno.
Thomas Adams100Old age, and lamenessno.
Thomas Elcock70Palsyno.
Thomas Gamblin60Infirmityno.
Samuel Earwicker90Asthmano.
William Payne70Old ageno.
Nicholas Lake100dittono.
Samuel Drew80Rheumatismno.
William Smith80Old ageno.
William Smith (2)100Infirmityno.
John Andrews100Old ageno.
William Reed80Rheumatismno.
Thomas Davis150Weak imindedno.
Thomas Claydon50Old ageno.
Thomas Staben60Infirmityno.
Samuel Darley150dittono.
George Vicat60dittono.
James Smedmore150Deaf and dumbno.
James Baker150dittono.
Robert Thompson100Weak mindedno.
James Downer70Paralysedno.
Edward Lampard80Crippleno.
John Jenkins70Infirmityno.
John Shelliot80Weak mindedno.
Thomas Boxall50Crippleno.
Levi Peckham80Weak mindedno.
Joseph Turner70dittono.
John Henwood80dittono.
Robert Medus120Old ageno.
Kennedy Brian70Weak mindedno.
William Ellis100Old ageno.
John Collins100dittono.
Henry White50Weak mindedno.
James Sweatman130Crippleno.
Charles Parsons80Old ageno.
William Newman90dittono.
James C. Johns130Weak mindedno.
Edwin Freeman60Crippleno.
Charles Beck150Old ageno.
William Steele60Crippleno.
Henry Poulden150Lunaticno.
James Cotterell100dittono.
John Ramson150dittono.
David Rogers150dittono.
Arthur Tarrant80dittono.
Franco Rossi150dittono.
John Golding150dittono.
Joseph Morey150Lunaticno.
Thomas Scrivens70dittono.
William Hellyer60dittono.
William Cannaway150dittono.
William Bardaway150Infirmityno.
Henry Turner100Weak mindedyes.
Eliza Earle110Lunaticno.
Jane Yatman150dittono.
Maria Taylor150dittono.
Jane Carpenter150dittono.
Mary Grimes80dittono.
Elizabeth Rider70dittono.
Catherine Randall60dittono.
Charlotte Brereton80dittono.
Rose Green120dittono.
Jane Flood150dittono.
Sarah Wells150dittono.
Sarah Bishop70dittono.
Ann Thomas60dittono.
Sarah Powers50dittono.
Ann Newton150dittono.
Jane Manns150dittono.
Eliza Brooks150Weak mindedno.
Emma Vine150Dittono.
Mary Harding80dittono.
Louisa Fulljames150Deafnessno.
Caroline Hatch80Fitsno.
Mary Tobin150Infirmityno.
Elizabeth Warner110dittono.
Elizabeth Peters150Old ageno.
Elizabeth Neate80Infirmityno.
Mary Morgan150dittono.
Mary Eccles150dittono.
Ann Edwards130dittono.
Martha Bartlett150dittono.
Mary Hargrave150Paralysedno.
Ann Sullivan80Infirmityno.
Elizabeth Perry80Sicknessno.
Margaret Parris90dittono.
Leah McPherson150Infirmityno.
Jane Roberts80Lamenessno.
Sarah Turner90Infirmityno.
Mary Stacey150Old ageno.
Jane Haslett60dittono.
Martha Matthewman50dittono.
Elizabeth Moore50ditteno.
Mary Snedden50dittono.
Jane Riggs130dittono.
Charlotte Chapman110dittono.
Emma Stothard90Weak mindedno.
Elizabeth Baggs100Infirmityno.
Harriet Eaves140Blindno.
Mary Ann Searle140Weak mindedno.
Francis Langford60Old ageno.
Ann Sims50Infirmityno.
Charlotte Groundwater140dittono.
Sarah Foy50Old ageno.
Mary Ann Jard150dittono.
Elizabeth Davis140dittono.
Sarah Mitchell50Infirmityno.
Elizabeth Rice80Old ageno.
Eleanor Cole110Infirmityno.
Jane Vine100dittono.
Margaret Eaves150Blindno.
Sarah Freeland70Old ageno.
Harriet Gossage100Lunaticno.
Ann Buchanan50Old ageno.
Celia Whettensteel60dittono.
Caroline Payne60Paralysisno.
Harriet Tandy100Sicknessno.
Ann Verry100Blindno.
Elizabeth Maw60Old ageno.
Jane Pragnell90dittono.
Sarah Grundy50dittono.
Elizabeth Mussell100dittono.
Martha Elson100dittono.
Louisa Ford80Paralysedno.
Margaret French60Old ageno.
Elizabeth Cranbrook140Infirmityno.
Elizabeth Nichols120Old ageno.
Plicebe Peranx130dittono.
Ann Watts150Weak mindedno.
Charlotte Garnett90Old ageno.
Mary Loveday90dittono.
Mary Hobbs150Blindno.
Mary Doling100Weak mindedno.
Louisa Fone70Old ageno.
Harriet Passingham90dittono.
Harriet Ford150Infirmityno.
Elizabeth Burch150dittono.
Elizabeth Smee150dittono.
Mary Flynn150dittono.
Bridget Jones150Old ageno.
Mary Green80Weak mindedno.
Ann Saxey150Old ageno.
Eliza Goodridge150Weak mindedno.
Catherine Smith100Sicknessno.
Ursula Norris50dittono.
Ann Jackson70dittono.
Mary Heffron90Debilityno.
Jane Hooper100Old ageno.
Jane Beck140dittono.
Mary Elnisley70dittono.
Rebecca Wagstaff150Weak mindedno.
Jane Nelson150Old ageno.
Sarah Green150dittono.
Elizabeth Haggard50Sicknessno.
Mary Belam70Old ageno.
Sarah Penny110dittono.
Elizabeth Russell60Idioticno.
Ann Tate100Sicknessno.
Epiphany Harvey100Debilityno.
Fanny Collins140Old ageno.
Ann Baldey90Blindno.
Mary Collins150Old ageno.
Susan Yeo70dittono.
Esther Moody60dittono.
Mary Styles110dittono.
Sarah Mundy100dittono.
Catherine Ash150dittono.
Ann Weaver150Blindno.
Ann Good80Old ageno.
Martha Lucas120Weak mindedno.
Lucy Lockett150dittono.
Ann Hemmings90Infirmityno.
Anne Cooper150workh. school.

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