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Long-term Workhouse Inmates in Preston Union, Lancashire, 1861

In 1861, the Poor Law Board published a return of the name every adult pauper who had been a workhouse inmate for a continuous period of five years or more, together with the duration of their residence (in years and months), the reason for it, and whether they had been brought up in a District or separate Workhouse School. It was noted that the term 'District School' had been widely misinterpreted by respondents as meaning any school in the local area, such as a national or private school, and that there was only one instance in the whole report of an inmate actually having been in such a school.

Priscilla Proffittmany years Disease of spineunknown.
Ellen Lucasditto Deaf and dumbunknown.
Mary Thompson100Old ageunknown.
Margaret Bramwell100dittounknown.
Mary Cochrane80dittounknown.
Mary Ann Welsh60Fitsunknown.
Elizabeth Metcalf60Disease of spineunknown.
Mary Heaps50Old ageunknown.
Ann Gardner110dittounknown.
Martha Bolton60dittounknown.
Jane Henethy50Nearly blindunknown.
Mary Whitehead70Old ageunknown.
Jane Hunter50dittounknown.
Susannah Cooper60Paralysisunknown.
Betty Hambermany years Lunacyunknown.
Winifred Dickinsonditto Lameunknown.
Ellen Hallditto Lunacyunknown.
Sarah Monsleyditto Old ageunknown.
Jane Nightingaleditto Lunacyunknown.
Eliza Brewer50Paralysisunknown.
Thomas Ashcroft90Old and infirmunknown.
Elias Graham70dittounknown.
Thomas Hibbert50Old ageunknown.
John Rigby70dittounknown.
Edward Cromptonmany years Lunacyunknown.
John Walmsleynot stated Lameunknown.
John Brewerditto Old ageunknown.
William Andrewsditto Nearly blindunknown.
Robert Hardacre113Lame in his hipunknown.
James Brown66Lame in his armunknown.
Thomas Winder60Rupturedunknown.
Mary Anne Doyle70Bad legunknown.
John Gemson5 and upwards Infirmunknown.
John Eccleston ditto dittounknown.
Christopher Tuerditto dittounknown.
Ellen Tuerditto dittounknown.
William Jacksonditto dittounknown.
Catherine Jacksonditto dittounknown.
James Swarbrickditto dittounknown.
John Greenditto dittounknown.
James Naylorditto dittounknown.
John Smithditto dittounknown.
Ellen Gornullditto dittounknown.
Richard Hodgkinsonditto dittounknown.
John Boothditto dittounknown.
Robert Hillditto dittounknown.
William Bradleyditto Infirmunknown.
Betty Bradleyditto dittounknown.
John Ashworth ditto dittounknown.
James Porter ditto dittounknown.
John Slater ditto dittounknown.
Joseph Haythornthwaite ditto dittounknown.
Thomas Seedditto Cripple when bornunknown.
William Dickinsonditto Infirmunknown.
Henry Hodgkinsonditto Idiot from birthunknown.
Thomas Carterditto Infirmunknown.
William Gregsonditto dittounknown.
William Layfield ditto dittounknown.
Thomas Greenwood ditto dittounknown.
Frederick Chapman130Infirm and destituteunknown.
Jane Benson110dittounknown.
Hannah Moss90dittounknown.
James Hewitson120Idiotunknown.
James Yates120Crippleunknown.
William Fisher120Old and infirmunknown.
John Thistleton120dittounknown.
Joseph Leeming100Subject to fitsunknown.
Henry Cowburn100Old and infirmunknown.
Henry Hindle100Idiotunknown.
John Tindall90Weak intellectunknown.
Lawrence Turner90Crippleunknown.
Joseph Clarkson90dittounknown.
Thomas Dugdale90Idiotunknown.
Henry Addison80Lunaticunknown.
Henry Walker80Old and infirmunknown.
Vincent Smith80Bad healthunknown.
Edward Towers80Lunaticunknown.
William Heaps70Old and infirmunknown.
John Moor70Idiotunknown.
Leonard Simpson70Old and infirmunknown.
John Hilton60Crippleunknown.
Henry Farnworth60Idiotunknown.
William Stephenson50Old and infirmunknown.

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