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1881 Census: Residents of Union Workhouse, Sedbergh, York

Thomas HACKM33MHeadMaster Of Workhouse (Nurse)Firbank, Westmorland
Hannah HACKM34FWifeMatron Of WorkhouseSedbergh, York
Mary HACK 10FDaurScholarSedbergh, York
Sarah HACK  7FDaurScholarSedbergh, York
Robert A. HACK  5MSonScholarSedbergh, York
Thomas W.S. HACK 8mMSonSedbergh, York
William AIREYW79MInmateNo Occ Formerly Farmer (Pauper)Dent, York
Thomas ATKINSONW79MInmate((Genl Labourer)) (Pauper)Ingleton, York
Jonathan BATESW72MInmateNo Occ General Labourer (Paupers)Worcester, Worcester
Joanna BUTLERM32FInmateWife To Above (Pauper)Gibralter Harbour
Robert W. BUTLER 1mMInmate (Pauper)Sedbergh, York
William BUTLERM36MInmateGenl Labourer (Pauper)Madras, East Indies
Robert CARLISLEU70MInmateNo Occ Sawyer (Pauper)Sedbergh, York
Ann COOPERU66FInmateInmate Pauper ((Pauper))ImbecileSedbergh, York
John CRAGGU81MInmateNo Occ (Pauper)IdiotDent, York
Thomas DODDU49MInmateGenl Lab PauperImbecileSedbergh, York
David DUNWOODIEU31MInmateGenl Labourer (Pauper)Scotland
George ELLIS  5MInmateScholar PauperSedbergh, York
Margaret ELLIS 12FInmateScholar PauperSedbergh, York
Robert GORDONU55MInmatePedlar (Pauper)Corby Hill, Cumberland
Thomas HERDU76MInmatePauper Genl No OccSedbergh, York
Jane HILTON  7FInmate (Pauper)Dent, York
John HILTON  9MInmateScholar (Pauper)Dent, York
William HILTON  4MInmate (Pauper)Dent, York
William HODGSONU61MInmateGenl Labourer (Lab)Dent, York
James LAWU30MInmateGeneral Labour (Pauper)Sedbergh, York
Mary LAWU41FInmateGenl Serv Pauper DomesticSedbergh, York
Dennis PULLANU54MInmatePauper Genl LabourerSedbergh, York
James ROBINSONW48MInmateRailway Labourer (Pauper)Harlaxton, Lincoln
Robert W. ROBINSON 12MInmateScholar PauperNewcastle, Northumberland
Ann SAVAGEW34FInmateFormerly Farmers Wife (Paupers)Sedbergh, York
John SAVAGE  7MInmateScholar (Pauper)Sedbergh, York
Joseph SAVAGE  9MInmateScholar (Pauper)Sedbergh, York
Sarah SAVAGE  2FInmate (Pauper)Sedbergh, York
Thomas SAVAGE  4MInmateScholar (Pauper)Sedbergh, York
Dorothy SEDGWICKU51FInmateDomestic Serv (Pauper)Dent, York
Richard SHARPLESW61MInmateGenl Labourer (Gen Lab) (Pauper)Dent, York
Edward STOKOEM38MInmateBricklayers Labourer (Pauper)Newcastle, Northumberland
John SWALESU69MInmateNo Occ Hawker (Pauper)Dent, York
Richard SWALESU65MInmateServant (No Occ) (Pauper)Ingleton, York
James SYKESU50MInmateCotton Spinner (Pauper)Huddersfield, York
William TAYFORTHW76MInmate(No Occ) (Farm Labourer) (Pauper)Dent, York
William TAYLORW76MInmateButcher (Pauper)Sedbergh, York
Emma J. TURNERU21FInmateGenl. Servant Domestic (Pauper)Manchester, Lancashire
Mary E. TURNER 11mFInmate (Pauper)Sedbergh, York
John WATSONU40MInmateGenl Labourer (Pauper)Ireland
Ellen WHITFIELDW66FInmateFormerly Farmers Wife (Pauper)ImbecileGarsdale, York
Alice WILLANU42FInmateGenl Serv Domestic (Pauper)Dent, York
John WILLAN  3FInmate (Pauper)IdiotSedbergh, York

Total residents: 49

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