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Long-term Workhouse Inmates in St George in the East, Middlesex, 1861

In 1861, the Poor Law Board published a return of the name every adult pauper who had been a workhouse inmate for a continuous period of five years or more, together with the duration of their residence (in years and months), the reason for it, and whether they had been brought up in a District or separate Workhouse School. It was noted that the term 'District School' had been widely misinterpreted by respondents as meaning any school in the local area, such as a national or private school, and that there was only one instance in the whole report of an inmate actually having been in such a school.

Hannah Ashby126Ageno.
Sarah Adams125dittono.
Mary Atkins1011dittono.
Mary Anderson711dittono.
Jane Airzee75dittono.
Richard Appleby68 Age and asthmano.
Charlotte Bright202Weak intellectno.
Ellen Britton157Ageno.
Frances Bannister151Paralysisno.
Ann Broker142Ageno.
Matilda Batt138Paralysisno.
Mary Berg1011Ageno.
Sarah Butlin108dittono.
Harriet Brown91dittono.
Mary Buckley87dittono.
Elizabeth Bacon711dittono.
Catherine Black74dittono.
Catherine Beecher73Deformityno.
Joseph Bastock66Paralysisno.
John Blake510Ageno.
John Barber52Age and paralysisno.
Jesse Babey52Ageno.
Catherine Coleman178dittono.
Esther Crookshanks176Blindnessno.
Thomas Clarke157Paralysisno.
Ann Collins154Dissipationno.
Mary Connor133Ageno.
William Croker131dittono.
Cornelius Canty123dittono.
Mary Campbell115dittono.
Frances Crawley115dittono.
Sarah Christy113dittono.
Charlotte Cavalier82dittono.
John Cummings611Age and paralysisno.
Ann Clarke510Ageno.
Barbara Carowell52dittono.
Harriet Cole 48dittono.
Marcella Coyle42dittono.
Edward Connop42dittono.
Mary Ann Delaney57Age and blindno.
Mary Driscoll54Paralysisno.
Sarah Drake39Ageno.
Owen Delay49dittono.
Eleanor Dodgin129dittono.
Mary Driscoll83dittono.
John Duncan70dittono.
Mary Driscoll60dittono.
Mary Evans121dittono.
Eliza Elliott105Chronic rheumatismno.
Thomas Evans610Ageno.
Henry Ellmers67Age and paralysisno.
Elizabeth Evans66Ageno.
Harriet Emerton62Age and paralysisno.
Mary Eden52Ageno.
Rosanna Firman241Paralysisno.
Thomas Foster142dittono.
Thomas Ford1411Age and paralysisno.
Elizabeth Foster1311Ageno.
William Finck102Weak intellectno.
Mary Foley105Ageno.
Henry Finck711OPno.
Eliza Gardner511Weak intellectno.
Lucy Gillham122dittono.
William Gow75Age and blindnessno.
Ann Goodwin76Ageno.
Mary Groves74dittono.
Eliza Greaves73Dissipationno.
Julia Gould72Paralysisno.
Ann Glover61Ageno.
William Green611dittono.
Elizabeth Gordon611Paralysisno.
Thomas Haswell3711Paralysis and imbecilityno.
Mary Haggarty206Ageno.
Daniel Heaton182Age and paralysisno.
Sarah Holt519Weak intellectno.
Eliza Hayes130Ageno.
Eleanor Hawkins122dittono.
Charles Hill102dittono.
Mary Hurley87Ageno.
Mary Hornsey86dittono.
Elizabeth Hadway84Diseased uterusno.
Dennis Haley81Lame, deaf and dumbno.
William Hicks79Ageno.
Joseph Hart71dittono.
Ann Hennessy60dittono.
George Hall59Weak intellectno.
Elizabeth Horncastle54Ageno.
Mary Hodges53dittono.
John James111Age and herniano.
Thomas James80Paralysisno.
Jane Jones51Ageno.
Jeo. Kershaw167Weak intellectno.
William Looseley298dittono.
Maria Lindsey182Age and paralysisno.
Elizabeth Loyde148Ageno.
Elizabeth Lynch134dittono.
William Lettes117Age and herniano.
Ann Lathlief104Widow with familyno.
Henry Lee97Age and herniano.
Ann Leversuch89dittono.
Frederick Luden67Incapacityno.
Edward Layton61Ageno.
Thomas Lowman54Age and asthmano.
Margaret Moore130Ageno.
Ann Middleton130dittono.
Mary Ann Moses168dittono.
Thomas Meek160dittono.
Elizabeth Masters103Weak intellectno.
Mary Mackie100dittono.
Cecilia Marshall78Ageno.
Sarah Miller72dittono.
Jane Meredith611Widow with familyno.
Malcolm McNaughton61Ageno.
Francis Meek510dittono.
Thomas Marshall56dittono.
Phoebe Morris52dittono.
Robert Newton86dittono.
William Nunn102dittono.
Jane Neale57dittono.
Ann O'Neal145Weak intellectno.
Sarah Oram75Ageno.
Eleanor Ouston71dittono.
James Overan62Fits and weak intellectno.
Sarah Pluck209Age and asthmano.
George Putt1011Age and herniano.
Sarah Powell89Ageno.
Elizabeth Peckham88dittono.
John Powling73Age and herniano.
Sarah Phillips73Ageno.
William Pearson63dittono.
Anna Raleigh811dittono.
Daniel Ragan86dittono.
John Reader61Age and bad sightno.
William Ryan510Ageno.
Jane Ryan510dittono.
Ellen Riley56Widow with familyno.
Harriet Standon209Age and paralysisno.
Eliza Stainer157Ageno.
Ann Sutton149dittono.
John Smith131dittono.
Elizabeth Shuttleworth115dittono.
Catherine Stevens101dittono.
Sarah Sherburd85Scrofulano.
William Simmons78Ageno.
Sarah Spicer78dittono.
Maria Sleeman610Debility from syphilisno.
Margaret Smart69Ageno.
Richard Smithers66Weak intellectno.
Isabella Samson66Ageno.
Richard Stone57dittono.
Elizabeth Sweeney56dittono.
John Sullivan52dittono.
Edward Salt53Weak intellectno.
Eliza Salt53Ageno.
Jane Taylor93dittono.
Mary Totterdale85Widow with familyno.
Stephen Tolhurst610Paralysisno.
Ann Terry60Tumour in kneeno.
Ann Taylor52Ageno.
Margaret Underhill77dittono.
Mary Youlman85Incapacityno.
Robert Winch229Paralysisno.
Mary Wright222Ageno.
Amelia Williams193Weak intellectno.
Ann Walker124Abscessno.
Susan Wohlenbrol110Widow with childrenno.
Ellen Walker96Age and abscessno.
Mary Wigman281Age and paralysisno.
Samuel Wilkinson71Ageno.
Ann Whitaker64dittono.
Charles Wilkinson62Lameno.
Mary Williamson61Ageno.
Ann Wath510dittono.
Margaret Wright56dittono.
Ann Wilmot54dittono.

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