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Long-term Workhouse Inmates in St Pancras, Middlesex, 1861

In 1861, the Poor Law Board published a return of the name every adult pauper who had been a workhouse inmate for a continuous period of five years or more, together with the duration of their residence (in years and months), the reason for it, and whether they had been brought up in a District or separate Workhouse School. It was noted that the term 'District School' had been widely misinterpreted by respondents as meaning any school in the local area, such as a national or private school, and that there was only one instance in the whole report of an inmate actually having been in such a school.

Richard Allday56Infirmityno.
Samuel Mason80dittono.
George Folkard120Idioticno.
George Dodsworth104dittono.
George Frederick Ablett80dittono.
John Brown60Crippledno.
Robert Asbury100Deaf and dumbno.
William Whitelock180Crippleno.
William Fidler153Old ageno.
James Bell69Chronic rheumatismno.
John Baker72Weak intellectno.
James Noble101Paralyzedno.
Edward Bolton53Deformedno.
Charles Handscombe58Old ageno.
John Murphy1210dittono.
William Marchant59dittono.
Henry Plume58dittono.
Samuel Brampton163dittono.
William Green611dittono.
Daniel Hargrave1111Crippleno.
Edward Clapperton106Idioticno.
William Zouch1110Crippleno.
John Wilmot67Infirmityno.
Daniel Stratford58Rheumatic goutno.
Joseph Yates78Old ageno.
John Phillips138dittono.
John Shersby58Infirmityno.
Maurice Fitzgerald119Contracted handno.
Matthew Kelly710Old ageno.
John Barry63dittono.
John Hargrave117Crippleno.
Timothy Sullivan61Old ageno.
James Wilmot610dittono.
John Jones120Weak intellect, caused from the kick of a
Samuel Sayers63Crippleno.
Kenneth E. McKenzie100Old ageno.
Robert Hodgkinson1011Paralyzedno.
Henry McDowell52Old ageno.
Daniel Collins711Paralyzedno.
James Westbrook68Infirmityno.
Thomas Ash67Old ageno.
Thomas Clegg70dittono.
John Hunter208Defective visionno.
Joseph Langley100Old ageno.
Joseph Pallett104Ricketsno.
John Ellis174Old ageno.
Thomas Sears106Rheumatism in feetno.
John Robertson52Imbecilityno.
John Kendrick87Old ageno.
Henry Thomas105Idioticno.
James Roberts54Old ageno.
Thomas Todd60 (all his life).0Idioticyes.
Joseph Mullins76Old ageno.
Thomas Huband60dittono.
Charles Hewlett810dittono.
Sampson Daw Gregg124dittono.
Cornelius Preston710dittono.
John Wootten83Weak intellectno.
James Knight123Asthmaticno.
Martin Owen56Old ageno.
James Pink54dittono.
Thomas Burnham90dittono.
James Hepditch57dittono.
James McKenny68dittono.
John Dunn121dittono.
Thomas Gorman147dittono.
Daniel Cochrane98dittono.
John Aris65dittono.
George Harrison80dittono.
Peter Tomlinson87dittono.
Martin Martin70dittono.
Thomas Swanton53dittono.
William Hendon108Old age and blindno.
Robert Palmer51Old ageno.
George Treasure811dittono.
Hugh Morris53dittono.
James Fry58dittono.
John Healey66dittono.
Benjamin Cook236Crippleno.
William Christie78dittono.
George Rushton59Asthmaticno.
Joseph Applebee52dittono.
William Purcell142Old ageno.
Thomas Gannon53dittono.
Hugh Turner61Paralyzedno.
Devereux Wall86Imbecilityno.
William Howell68Old ageno.
Richard Adcock910dittono.
Jane Hopkinson90Weak intellectno.
Elizabeth Pegg236Old ageno.
Mary Warden2410Defective visionno.
Lydia Nesbitt123Deformedno.
Mary Ann Aldridge71dittono.
Mary Irvine57Old ageno.
Ellen Wright94Old age and blindno.
Sarah Pym110Old ageno.
Sarah Chase122dittono.
Mary Holiday76dittono.
Elizabeth Jones510Weak intellectno.
Ann Brinkley70Old ageno.
Elizabeth Portbury78dittono.
Sarah Small95dittono.
Maria Rivers101dittono.
Elizabeth Wardell209Weak intellectno.
Ann Sherman206dittono.
Caroline Blake123dittono.
Ann Fazackerley123dittono.
Ann Fitzgerald911Widow with familyno.
Esther Harwood67Old ageno.
Mary Wicketts67 (all her life).0Weak intellectyes.
Louisa Watson60Blindyes.
Mary Walden68Paralyticno.
Mary Ann Hurry60Imbecilityno.
Mary Ann Hope1510Blindno.
Mary Ann Boulstridge200Infirmityno.
Julia Buck120Imbecilityno.
Maria Herdsman64Old ageno.
Margaret Finnimore51Old ageno.
Ann French710dittono.
Sarah Pankhurst70dittono.
Ann Sealey51dittono.
Ann Duggin55dittono.
Margaret Harrison65dittono.
Margaret McGrath170dittono.
Sarah Webb61dittono.
Jane Seymour78dittono.
Mary Walton68Weak intellectno.
Sarah Notley120Old ageno.
Susan Bridgon87dittono.
Ann Hall50dittono.
Mary Coney70dittono.
Joanna Sullivan118dittono.
Sophia Clark1610dittono.
Mary Searle510dittono.
Ann Carter510dittono.
Ann Carter98dittono.
Martha Goodman55dittono.
Sarah Rice69dittono.
Sarah Dellows157dittono.
Mary Cous132Weak intellectno.
Amelia King65Old ageno.
Matilda Parsons188dittono.
Ann Martin77dittono.
Harriet Gerrard98dittono.
Catherine Connor62dittono.
Louisa Yarnold200Old age, and simpleno.
Joanna Lennard56Old ageno.
Emma Carus125dittono.
Sophia Isom285Weak intellectno.
Margaret Brady55dittono.
Elizabeth Field134Old ageno.
Sarah Price211Weak intellectno.
Elizabeth Carter510Old ageno.
Susan Ledwell206dittono.
Elizabeth Pritchard68dittono.
Sarah Park1111dittono.
Mary Lloyd98dittono.
Mary Hill77dittono.
Sarah Wedlock74dittono.
Sarah Roots511dittono.
Jane Carson71dittono.
Caroline Emmett1511Weak intellect, and tumoursno.
Catherine Bennett78Old ageno.
Susanna Perdue77dittono.
Sophia Day102dittono.
Sarah Dean128dittono.
Mary Bird80Old ageno.
Rachel West72dittono.
Sarah Jones184dittono.
Susan Camp145dittono.
Sarah Dean56dittono.
Maria Cardwell242dittono.
Catherine Watkins199dittono.
Alice Parratt80dittono.
Elizabeth Stovell255dittono.
Bridget Ready84dittono.
Maria Francis58dittono.
Susan Bassett125dittono.
Mary Stowe710dittono.
Martha Strickland65dittono.
Elizabeth Sleight65Weak intellectno.
Sarah Nichols83Old ageno.
Jane Dennis60dittono.
Elizabeth Wintle68dittono.
Mary Dowdell80dittono.
Catherine Fitzgerald79dittono.
Ellen Joyce84dittono.
Rebecca Andrews117dittono.
Elizabeth Watson1710Idioticno.
Hannah Pigeon910Old ageno.
Mary Chapple84dittono.
Elizabeth Bisgrove86dittono.
Mary Forbes56dittono.
Hannah Bushell120dittono.
Martha Bouston56dittono.
Mary Collins50dittono.
Elizabeth Davis510dittono.
Sophia Glover67dittono.
Elizabeth Clinch51dittono.
Eleanor Davis911Old ageno.
Mary Seeley511dittono.
Sarah Cooper94dittono.
Mary Ann Pittard87dittono.
Catherine Dale106dittono.
Sarah Gibson130dittono.
Elizabeth Morgan51Infirmityno.
Sarah Watts138dittono.
Lydia Balston60Old ageno.
Mary Connor69dittono.
Mary Davenport62dittono.
Jane Eldridge511Imbecilityno.
Mary Bastie120Old ageno.
Sarah Sersale66dittono.
Bridget Fulham65dittono.
Susan Marshall63dittono.
Ann Newman66dittono.
Margaret Burke106dittono.
Sarah Racket96dittono.
Elizabeth Green125dittono.
Sarah Carroll106dittono.
Mary Ann Boceau108Infirmityno.
Sarah Carter63dittono.
Ann Dean99Old ageno.
Elizabeth Aston82dittono.
Mary White100dittono.
Harriet Sharp75dittono.
Maria Hawke66dittono.
Caroline Edmonds107Infirmityno.
Harriet Fell110Idioticno.
Ann Gooding124dittono.
Margaret Raymond68Old ageno.
Sarah Voller101Imbecilityno.
Margaret Reading192Crippleno.
Mary Hennessey128Idioticno.
Harriet Hillary61Old ageno.
Elizabeth Casey56dittono.
Sarah Greenwood124Infirmityno.
Emma Dodge118Idioticno.
Olive Green160Infirmityno.
Harriet Prince120dittono.
Maria Peto135Old ageno.
Ann Waller140dittono.
Mary Martin229Infirmityno.
Elizabeth Pike910Defective visionno.
Mary Ann Nash68Idioticno.
Eliza Houghton160Weak intellectno.
Henrietta Allison76Idioticno.
Sarah Cooper57dittono.
Ellen Sanders53Widow, with familyno.
Sarah Thorogood152Deformedno.

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