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Long-term Workhouse Inmates in Stoke-upon-Trent Parish, Staffordshire, 1861

In 1861, the Poor Law Board published a return of the name every adult pauper who had been a workhouse inmate for a continuous period of five years or more, together with the duration of their residence (in years and months), the reason for it, and whether they had been brought up in a District or separate Workhouse School. It was noted that the term 'District School' had been widely misinterpreted by respondents as meaning any school in the local area, such as a national or private school, and that there was only one instance in the whole report of an inmate actually having been in such a school.

John Ash50Old age 
Martha Ball200No employmentworkh. school.
Elizabeth Ball180dittoworkh. school.
Mary Bates80Idiotic 
John Berresford120ditto 
John Beech70No employment 
Samuel Blood60Old age 
Elijah Burton50Unable to work 
Elijah Colclough100A crippleworkh. school.
Martha Crutchley190Idioticworkh. school.
William Cartledge70Old age 
John Cooper50ditto 
Martha Cartwright100No employmentworkh. school.
John Faulkner100Old age 
George Heath100ditto 
William Hargreaves180ditto 
Harriett Hammersley220Idioticworkh. school.
Hannah Hulme70No employment 
Joseph Harrison60Unable to work 
Ann Jones120Idiotic 
Sarah Jones50No employment 
James Mayer180A cripple 
William Nicholls70Old age 
John Pope100ditto 
Thomas Plant160ditto 
Sarah Ellen Roberts80Blind 
Ellis Rowarth120ditto 
William Roberts100No employmentworkh. school.
Martha Rowley140Idiotic 
Charles Robinson70Old age 
Emma Ridgway60No employment 
Caroline Shaw120ditto 
Emma Swettenham90dittoworkh. school.
Absalom Shaw280A cripple 
Ann Scarratt220Idiotic 
Ellen Smith120ditto 
Elizabeth Stoddard110Old age 
John Stanley80ditto 
William Sutton60ditto 
John Thompson160ditto 
Ellen Teggin70A cripple 
Ellen Watmouth70Idiotic 
Joseph Wright100Old age 
Enoch Webberley80A cripple 

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