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1881 Census: Residents of Stow Union Workhouse, Onehouse, Suffolk

Neville Mark SIMMONDSM28MHeadMaster Of Workhouse (Mun)London, London, Middlesex
Mary Ann SIMMONDSM28FWifeMatron Of WorkhouseLondon, London, Middlesex
Reginald G. SIMMONDS5mMSonStowmarket, Suffolk
Mary J. ALLEN28FInmateBardnell Ash, Suffolk
Mary ALLEN1mFInmateOnehouse, Suffolk
Catherine ARMSTRONGW78FInmateHitcham, Suffolk
Henry BAKER10MInmateScholarOnehouse, Suffolk
Sophia BAKERU38FInmate (Head)Mendlesam, Norfolk
Thomas BALLSU81MInmateAg Lab Stowmarket, Suffolk
Alice BANHAM 9FInmateScholar Stowmarket, Suffolk
James BANHAM14MInmateScholar Stowmarket, Suffolk
Alice BANTOCK 8FInmateScholar Ashfield, Suffolk
Arthur BANTOCK11MInmateScholar Ashfield, Suffolk
John BANTOCK10MInmateScholar Ashfield, Suffolk
Walter BANTOCK13MInmateScholar Ashfield, Suffolk
Alice BARNARD10mFInmate DaurOnehouse, Suffolk
Harry BARNARDW79MInmateAg Lab Stowmarket, Suffolk
Sarah BARNARDU46FInmate Mother (Head)Combs, Suffolk
William BIRDW80MInmateAg Lab Thurston, Suffolk
John BLOOMFIELDU81MInmateAg Lab Stonham, Suffolk
Mary BLUNDELLM43FInmateCharring New York (For), America
Miria BORLEYU23FInmateTtostock, Suffolk
William BUCKLE11MInmateScholar Thurston, Suffolk
George BULLETHW61MInmateAg Lab Rattlesden, Suffolk
Caroline BURROWSM47FInmateCombs, Suffolk
Emma BURROWSM42FInmateWoolpit, Suffolk
Robert CAGEW78MInmateAg Lab Beyton, Suffolk
Alexandr CHARLETTEM44MInmateNo Oc Beyton, Suffolk
Joseph CHIRINGTONU73MInmateAg Lab Newton, Suffolk
Herbert COOK11MInmateScholar Stowmarket, Suffolk
Eliza COOKSEDGE10FInmateScholar Hessett, Suffolk
Lucy COOKSEDGE 8FInmateScholar Hessett, Suffolk
John CORBELLW82MInmateAg Lab Langham, Suffolk
Ann DAYW77FInmateFinningham, Suffolk
John DEATHW66MInmateAg Lab Rattlesden, Suffolk
James DENTU80MInmateAg Lab Badwell, Suffolk
Mary A. DEWU43FInmateImbecileHunstan, Suffolk
Robert DRIVERW82MInmateAg Lab Hinderclay, Suffolk
James DURRANTW76MInmateAg Lab Ringshall, Suffolk
William EDGER 8MInmateScholar Stowmarket, Suffolk
John ELMERW84MInmateAg Lab Stowmarket, Suffolk
Thomas FORTESW76MInmateAg Lab Hinderclay, Suffolk
Richard FRANCIS10MInmateScholar Hinderclay, Suffolk
Allice GALEW67MInmateAg Lab Drinkstone, Suffolk
Arthur GARBANK12MInmateScholar Combs, Suffolk
Benjamin GARBANK 8MInmateScholar Combs, Suffolk
William GARBANK11MInmateScholar Combs, Suffolk
Mary A. GATHERBELLW73FInmateNorton, Suffolk
Martha GILLW62FInmate
Mary GREENU26FInmateSchool Mistress At Union (Munic)Ipswich, Suffolk
William GREENW60MInmatePainter Stowmarket, Suffolk
William GREENW67MInmate(No Oc) Hessett, Suffolk
Beatrice HAINES 6FInmateScholar Walsham, Suffolk
John HAMMONDM78MInmateAg Lab (PauperStoke By Nailand, Suffolk
James HARVEY OR HARNEYU71MInmate(No Oc) ImbecileFelsham, Suffolk
Charlotte HARRINGTONM31FInmate Mother (Head)Buxhall, Suffolk
Kate HARRINGTON 2FInmate DaurOnehouse, Suffolk
John HELLEXW64MInmateGardner Onehouse, Suffolk
Alfred HORREXW70MInmateCarpenter Haughley, Suffolk
Thomas HORREXU69MInmateAg Lab Haughley, Suffolk
Hannah HOUGHTONU79FInmateEye, Suffolk
James HUTTONU73MInmateAg Lab Newton, Suffolk
John HUTTONU70MInmateAg Lab Newton, Suffolk
Margt. JAGGARDU44FInmateWalsham, Suffolk
Samuel KEDBY13MInmateScholar Felsham, Suffolk
Ellen KERRY 8FInmateScholar Wattisfield, Suffolk
Maria KERRY11FInmateScholar Wetherden, Suffolk
Hannah KNIGHTS28FInmateNewton, Suffolk
Edward LAMBERTW61MInmateAg Lab Earl Stonham, Suffolk
Maria LYASW73FInmateBuxhall, Suffolk
Thomas MARKWELLM53MInmateAg Lab Stowmarket, Suffolk
Martha MARTONU15FInmateDomestic Servant Tostock, Suffolk
Emma MAYESM74FInmate WifeHitcham, Suffolk
Fredick MAYESU58MInmateAg Lab Felsham, Suffolk
James MAYESM75MInmate (Head)Ag Lab Hitcham, Suffolk
John MEAKINSU52MInmateArmy Pensioner Sudbury, Suffolk
John MORTIMERU65MInmateAg Lab Newton, Suffolk
John MULLINGSW78MInmateAg Lab Wetherden, Suffolk
James NEWTONU26MInmateWorkhouse Tailor India
Edward NORMANU32MInmateWorkhouse Porter (Municip)Bury St Ed, Suffolk
Isreal NUNNU29FInmateImbecileShelland, Suffolk
Sarah PIKEU30FInmateImbecileCombs, Suffolk
George POLLARDU72MInmateAg Lab ImbecileWalsham, Suffolk
Emma POOLEU29FInmateThurston, Suffolk
Herbert RANSOM13MInmateScholar Haughley, Suffolk
Charlorte RELL 9FInmate (Daur)Scholar Drinkstone, Suffolk
Edward RELLU42MInmateAg Lab Stowupland, Suffolk
Jane RELL11FInmate (Daur)Scholar Drinkstone, Suffolk
Martha RELL 4FInmate (Daur)Scholar Drinkstone, Suffolk
Mary Ann RELL 7FInmate (Daur)Scholar Drinkstone, Suffolk
Ruth RELL10FInmate (Daur)Scholar Drinkstone, Suffolk
William RELL 6MInmate (Son)Scholar Drinkstone, Suffolk
William RELLW54MInmate (Head)Army Pensioner Drinkstone, Suffolk
George REYNOLDSU83MInmateAg Lab Rickinghall, Suffolk
William RICEW67MInmateAg Lab Woolpit, Suffolk
Elizabeth ROSEU28FInmate Mother (Head)Combs, Suffolk
Herbert ROSE>mMInmate SonOnehouse, Suffolk
Henry ROWEU17MInmateAg Lab Thurston, Suffolk
John RUDDOCKU69MInmate(No Oc) Finborough, Suffolk
Henry RUFFORD10MInmateScholar Bardwellash, Suffolk
Margt. RUSHM39FInmate Mother (Head)Creeting, Suffolk
Martha RUSH 9FInmate DaurCreeting, Suffolk
William SALMONW83MInmateAg Lab Stowmarket, Suffolk
Abraham SALVAGEW84MInmateAg Lab Rattlesden, Suffolk
Samual SHEPPARDW74MInmateAg Lab Debenham, Suffolk
George SMITHU37MInmateAg Lab Hinderclay, Suffolk
William C. SMITHW79MInmateBricklayer Stowmarket, Suffolk
William SOUGTHGATEW80MInmate(No Oc) Battisford, Suffolk
Mary Ann SPARKW73FInmateWoolpit, Suffolk
William STEVENSW83MInmateAg Lab Stowmarket, Suffolk
Susan STIFFW84FInmateWoolpit, Suffolk
William SUTTONU21MInmateAg Lab Rattlesden, Suffolk
Isaac TAYLORW72MInmateBlacksmith Stowupland, Suffolk
Ellen THOMPSON12FInmateScholar Ashfield, Suffolk
Kate THOMPSON10FInmateScholar Ashfield, Suffolk
Arthur TORLIELL OR TORBELL12MInmateScholar Woolpit, Suffolk
Eliza TORLIELL OR TORBELL10FInmateScholar Woolpit, Suffolk
George TORLIELL OR TORBELL 9MInmateScholar Woolpit, Suffolk
Maria TORLIELL OR TORBELL11FInmateScholar Woolpit, Suffolk
Rachael TORLIELL OR TORBELL 5FInmateScholar Woolpit, Suffolk
Rose TORLIELL OR TORBELL 6FInmateScholar Woolpit, Suffolk
Sarah TORLIELL OR TORBELL10FInmateScholar Woolpit, Suffolk
Alfred TRICKER11MInmateScholar Woolpit, Suffolk
Philip TRICKER12MInmateScholar Woolpit, Suffolk
Rachael TRICKER 8FInmateScholar Woolpit, Suffolk
Emily TUCKU51FInmateStowmarket, Suffolk
Jonathan TUCKM44MInmateAg Lab Stowlangtoft, Suffolk
Ephram TURNER11MInmateScholar Newton, Suffolk
Mannerah TURNER 8MInmateScholar Newton, Suffolk
Mary WATTONU34FInmateImbecileNorton, Suffolk
Jane WILDING 5FInmateScholar West Creeting, Suffolk
William WILDING 7MInmateScholar West Creeting, Suffolk
Ann WOLLENU37FInmateImbecileWetherden, Suffolk
Albert WOODS10MInmateScholarSpilsby, York
Eliza WOODS 8FInmateScholarSpilsby, York
Emma WOODS 5FInmateScholarSpilsby, York
Emma WOODSU42FInmate (Head)Walsham, Suffolk
Henry WOODS 9MInmateScholarSpilsby, York

Total residents: 138

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