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1881 Census: Residents of Stow-on-the-Wold Union Workhouse, Maugersbury, Gloucester

Henry D. PALLINM34MMaster (Head)Master of Workhouse (Munic)Horton, Middlesex
Elizabeth PALLINM33FMatronMatron of Workhouse (Munic)Gt. Ellingham, Norfolk
Sydney D. PALLIN  7MSonLeytonstone, Essex
Margaret J. PALLIN 8mFDaurStow On Wold, Gloucester
Henry C. COLLINSM21MOfficerHouse Porter (Munic)Stow On Wold, Gloucester
Rispah BARTLETTU44FInmateGeneral ServImbecileLittle Rissington, Gloucester
Charles BASSU42MInmateBrick LayerB St Edmonds, Suffolk
John BEDWELL  2MInmateStow On Wold, Gloucester
Sarah BEDWELLU21FInmateDomestic ServStow On Wold, Gloucester
James BETTSU73MInmateAg LabEvenlode, Worcester
Samuel BOLTONW70MInmateAg LabIcomb, Gloucester
Ellen BUTTLE  5FInmateScholarEyford, Gloucester
Amey B. COOK 16FInmateGeneral ServUpper Slaughter, Gloucester
Thomas COOKU35MInmateAg LabGlastonbury, Somerset
Frederick CROOK  6MInmateScholarNaunton, Gloucester
Jesse CROOK  4MInmateScholarNaunton, Gloucester
Mary Ann CROOKM30FInmateGeneral ServHawling Downs, Gloucester
William DABNEYM70MInmateAg LabLower Swell, Gloucester
Anny DAVIES  3FInmateStow On Wold, Gloucester
Caroline DAVIESU16FInmateDomestic ServUpper Slaughter, Gloucester
Mary J. DAVIESM26FInmateGeneral ServLittle Rissington, Gloucester
Rachel DAVIESU25FInmateField WorkStow On Wold, Gloucester
Thomas DAVIES 6mMInmateLittle Rissington, Gloucester
Charles EATONW45MInmateAg LabLongbro, Gloucester
Ellen FLUCKU26FInmateGeneral ServTemple Guiting, Gloucester
Sarah GIBSONU62FInmateGeneral ServLower Dunsbourne, Gloucester
William HAYNESU66MInmateAg LabAddlestrop, Gloucester
Hamlin HERBERTW56MInmateAg LabBlindCheltenham, Gloucester
Alice HUNT  5FInmateScholarOddington, Gloucester
Joseph HUNTU34MInmateNo OccupationIdiotStow On Wold, Gloucester
Maria HUNTU49FInmateField Work (Ag Lb)ImbecileOddington, Gloucester
Alfred JACKSONU63MInmateStone MasonNaunton, Gloucester
Charles JAMESW90MInmateAg LabStow On Wold, Gloucester
Henry JONESW69MInmateCarpenter (No Occ)Sedgeley, Stafford
Thomas KEENW67MInmateStone MasonStow On Wold, Gloucester
Charles LUCKETTU61MInmateAg LabIreland
Elizabeth MASTERSU21FInmateGeneral ServBlindGt Rissington, Gloucester
James MILLSW70MInmateAg LabWoodmancote, Hampshire
James MOOREU57MInmateGroomBirmingham, Warwick
Charles PACKERU49MInmateAg LabKingham, Oxford
Isaac PACKERU74MInmateSawyerNaunton, Gloucester
Richard PALMERW71MInmateAg LabWoodmancote, Hampshire
Annie PHIPPSU21FInmateGeneral ServLittle Rissington, Gloucester
Jane PILLEYM49FInmateGeneral ServImbecileWestcote, Gloucester
John PITMANU72MInmateAg LabLongbro, Gloucester
Charles RICHENSW64MInmateSawyerStow On Wold, Gloucester
William ROBBINSU72MInmateAg LabBourton On Hill, Gloucester
George SAUNDERSW70MInmateAg Lab (No Occ)Stow On Wold, Gloucester
Sarah SLATTERU21FInmateField WorkBledington, Gloucester
Daniel SMITHM69MInmateAg LabLineham, Oxford
George SMITH  6MInmateScholarNaunton, Gloucester
Harriett SMITH 11FInmateScholarNaunton, Gloucester
Joseph SMITHM60MInmateAg LabGuiting Power, Gloucester
Thomas SMITH  4MInmateScholarNaunton, Gloucester
Ann SPENCERU27FInmateDomestic ServStow On Wold, Gloucester
Charles SPENCER  1MInmateStow On Wold, Gloucester
Frederick SPENCERU74MInmateAg LabStow On Wold, Gloucester
Richard TIMMSM65MInmateAg LabImbecileGreat Rissington, Gloucester
William TUCKWELLW69MInmateWatchmakerSezincote, Gloucester
John WILKINSW84MInmateMillerStow On Wold, Gloucester
Robert WILLSDENU68MInmateBakerWinchcomb, Gloucester
George WIXEY  7MInmateScholarStow On Wold, Gloucester
Hannah WIXEYU27FInmateNo OccupationImbecileLower Swell, Gloucester
Mary WIXEYU30FInmateImbecileGloucester, Gloucester

Total residents: 64

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