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Long-term Workhouse Inmates in Worcester Union, Worcestershire, 1861

In 1861, the Poor Law Board published a return of the name every adult pauper who had been a workhouse inmate for a continuous period of five years or more, together with the duration of their residence (in years and months), the reason for it, and whether they had been brought up in a District or separate Workhouse School. It was noted that the term 'District School' had been widely misinterpreted by respondents as meaning any school in the local area, such as a national or private school, and that there was only one instance in the whole report of an inmate actually having been in such a school.

Sarah Nixon100Diseased spineyes.
John Rushton120Fractured
Mary Ann Smith70Orphanyes.
James Smith70dittoyes.
George Westbury70Old and Infirmno.
Henry Woollett50Father dead and deserted by mother.yes.
Emma Woollett50dittoyes.
Thomas Griffiths60Orphanyes.
Sarah Palmer230Paralysisno.
Mary Wathen60Old and infirmno.
Harriett Bayliss160Weak intellectno.
Charlotte Griffiths70Orphanyes.
Susan Hope140dittono.
Elizabeth Jones170Weak sight and illnessno.
Ann Smith160Illnessno.
Henry Mayne130Bad rupture which prevents his
Hannah Mable180Weak intellectno.
Joseph Powell60Old ageno.
Samuel Osborn80Blindnessno.
Joseph Griffiths90dittono.
Ann Powell160dittono.
James Bishop150Dwarfyes.
Samuel Fuller180Weak sightno.
Harriett Harper150Bad sightno.
Joseph Powney160Paralysisno.
Mary Powney160Idiocyno.
Thomas Strain130Destitutionno.
Clara Swift90Orphanyes.
Elizabeth Walton220Idiocyno.
Philimon Good60Orphanno.
Mary Crook120Scarcity of workno.
Matthew Dark90Desertedyes.
Richard Dee80Illnessyes.
John Edgington50dittono.
Ann Gallagher120Destitution and old ageno.
William Prince70Destitutionno.
Walter Prince70With fatheryes.
Elizabeth Palmer130Crippleno.
Hannah Hawell100Illnessno.

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