The Life and adventure of Bob thin; or, 'The Poor-House Fugitive' (Brief Extracts)

Bob Thin a weaver was, by trade;
An honest lad and most industrious—
Therefore, we dare to say it, illustrious.
Zealous for virtue, Bob got wed;
Too soon more mouths had to be fed.
Till, what with more bairns than money,
Bob's hive was stocked with want of honey.
Alas! he may not claim a bone
Even in the workhouse, be it known,
Though Bethnal-Green might own his sire
That Bob was born in Monmouthsire:

William James Linton, (1845)

Describing itself somewhat grandiosely as a "political-philosophical-historical-biographical-anecdotal-allegorical-parenthetical-prophetical-poetical-logical-metrical-and moral new poor-law tale", Linton's doggerel chronicles the descent of its eponymous hero into despair, degradation, and ultimately death.

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