1881 Census: Residents of Poor House, New Machar

Ann BARROWU38FHeadMatron Of Poor HouseTullynessle, Aberdeen, Scotland
Ann CALLAUM 6FDaurScholarSt Nicholas, Aberdeen, Scotland
James CALLAUM 6MSonScholarSt Nicholas, Aberdeen, Scotland
Jannet ROSSU82FHead(Pauper)Old Machar, Aberdeen, Scotland
Jane CAMERONU54FHead(Pauper)New Machar, Aberdeen, Scotland
Rachel SHANDW77FHead(Pauper)Dufftown, Banff, Scotland
Mary BRUCEW81FHead(Pauper)Old Meldrum, Aberdeen, Scotland
James BRUCEU39MSonAnnuitant (Pauper)Newhills, Aberdeen, Scotland

Total residents: 8

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