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Minute Book of Abingdon Union Board of Guardians 1835-36
(Berkshire Record Office, GA1-1)

Parishes comprising the Union

ParishPopn.Ave. Poor
Relief Exp.
Appleton and Eaton441182Rvd Aspwood Symonds
Besselsleigh124110Thomas Richards
Baldon Marsh31871Edward Weston
Baldon Toot272198William Fruin
Binsey7493John Prickett
Burcot163124Henry Hauman
Clifton288213Robert Latham
Chiselhampton126160George King
Culham404269John Saunders
Cumnor1024843William Adams
Drayton, Berks506291William Caudwell
Draycot Moor224184Richard Church
Drayton, Oxon333347John Smith
Fyfield403282Thomas Kimber
Kingston Bagpuize306271William Brooks
Lyford131169Robert Pike
Littlemoor42573Mr Hunt
Milton413391John Barrett
North Hinksey187136John Hunt
Nuneham Courtney314144John Fruin
Abingdon, St Helen50663580John Collingwood, Joseph Copeland, William Stacey, John Hyde Jnr.
Abingdon, St Nicholas566404Thomas Sharpe
Sunningwell339356James Tyrell
Sutton Wick271407William Harding
Seacourt2546Christopher Lipscombe
Steventon691709James Cowdery
Sutton Courtney8341150Thomas Allnutt
Sandford229188Henry Swan
Stadhampton313231John Richmond
Radley515558John Badcock
South Hinksey157120Edward Haynes
Marcham} 614}
Frilford} 1179127} 897 William Powell
Garford} 156}
Wootton340274John Bennett King
Wytham218194Thomas Hedges
Tubney167148William Richards

Wednesday, 7th October, 1835 at Abingdon Workhouse

First Meeting of Guardians

Resolved -

Unanimously that Revd Nathaniel Dodson be elected Chairman of the Abingdon Union.

Also that John Collingwood be elected Vice Chairman of the said Union.

That Thursday be the day and ten o'clock in the forenoon the hour for the weekly meetings of the Board.

That notice be given to each Guardian that the election of Auditor, Treasurer, Clerk, and relieving Officers to take place at the next weekly meeting.

That Messrs J Collingwood, John Badcock, William Stacey, Thomas Sharpe, and William Cauldwell, be and they are hereby appointed a Committee to value the Crop and Manure on Boxhill, also to draw up the Contract for Provisions and other Articles wanted for the use of the Workhouse and Out poor.

15th October, 1835

The former Resolutions were read —

The Relieving Officers' books were examined and found correct and it appearing thereby that the Relieving Officers had paid the following sums to Paupers, as Out relief under the Orders of the Board of Guardians, the account of Out Relief Charges in the Ledger against the parishes to which the Paupers severally belong were directed to be debited therewith:—

In CashIn Kind
Saint Helen, Abingdon18-9-13-2-9½
Saint Nicholas, do3-16-811-3
Sutton Wick2-1-67-6
North Hinksey1-3-61-6
South Hinksey13-01-6

Ordered —

That Henry Knapp Esq be appointed as Treasurer of the Abingdon Union, and to give Security for the due performance of the office.

That William Graham Esq be appointed Auditor of the said Union at a salary of twenty five pounds per year.

That Mr Richard Ellis be appointed Clerk to the Board of Guardians at a salary of seventy five pounds per year.

That Mr Richard Ellis be also appointed as Governor of the Workhouse at a salary of one hundred and fifty pounds per year.

That Mrs Ann Ellis be appointed Matron of the Workhouse at a salary of fifty pounds per year

That Mr Frederick Saunders be and he is hereby appointed Relieving Officer for the under mentioned parishes within the Abingdon Union — Besselsleigh, Wootton, Cumnor, Wytham, North Hinksey, South Hinksey, Seacourt, Appleton and Eaton, Fyfield, Kingston, Draycot Moor, Lyford, Tubney, and Binsey — at a salary of one hundred pounds and that it be imperative on him to keep a horse.

That Mr Richard Jeuner be and he is hereby appointed Relieving Officer for the under mentioned parishes within the Abingdon Union — Appleford, Sutton Courtney, Marsh Baldon, Toot Baldon, Chiselhampton, Drayton Oxon, Nuneham Courtney, Sandford, Stadhampton, Littlemoor, Burcot, Clifton, Culham — at the salary of one hundred pounds and that it be imperative on him to keep a horse.

That Mr George Long be and he is hereby appointed Relieving Officer for the under mentioned parishes within the Abingdon Union — Abingdon St Helen's, Abingdon St Nicholas, Radley, Marcham, Drayton, Sutton Wick, Steventon, Milton, Sunningwell at the Salary of forty pounds per year, to reside in the Workhouse with board at the Master's Table.

That it is the opinion of this Board that the Workhouse be forthwith lighted with Gas. A committee formed for carrying same into effect.

That Mr B Fowler be paid two hundred pounds for warming the Workhouse with hot water.

The Guardians ordered Out Relief to be given to divers paupers as per the Relief Book signed by the Chairman.

That the Clerk to this Board do provide all Books necessary for the use of the Union.

That Richard Badcock be appointed Porter to the New Workhouse at a salary of twenty pounds per year, board and lodging for himself and wife. That he is to make himself generally useful and obey all lawful orders of the Governor. And that his wife do instruct the children in the house.

22nd October, 1835

The Relieving Officers' books were examined and found correct.

Total relief — Cash: £51-13-4½, Kind: £8-7-2, Total: £60-0-6½

Ordered —

That Henry Knapp be called upon to give security to the Board of Guardians in the sum of two thousand pounds as Treasurer.

That Thomas Duffield Esq and George Long be accepted as Sureties in the sum of one hundred pounds for George Long as Relieving Officer.

That William Adams and William Stacey be accepted as Sureties in the sum of one hundred pounds for Frederick Saunders as Relieving Officer.

That William Doe Belcher and Thomas Sharpe be accepted as Sureties in the sum of one hundred pounds for Richard Jeuner as Relieving Officer.

That the following Tenders be accepted for the supply of the undermentioned articles —

Henry Carr —Fore Quarters of Mutton4d per lb
Mr Pemberton —Best Somerset Coals21/4 per ton
Thomas Richardson —Bacon42/- per cwt
Soap50/- per cwt
Joseph Leverett —Bread7¾d per gallon loaf (within 3 miles Abingdon)
8½d (beyond that distance with the Union)
William Lanham —Good Cheese35/- per cwt
Sugar7d per stone
Michael John Stone —Candles5/6 dozen
Soda15/6 cwt
Oatmeal18/- cwt

29th October, 1835

Ordered —

That Mr Frankum be paid his bill of Twenty Nine pounds three shillings in prosecuting the Appeal against the Removal of John Thame and wife from Great Marlow to Marcham — order quashed.

That Mr Frankum be paid his bill of Twenty pounds thirteen shillings and ten pence on account of the appeal against the Poor Rates of the parish of St Helen.

That the Tender from Mr Rance for the supply of shoes be accepted.

Men's shoes, nailed and tipped7/- pair
Men's shoes, hob-nailed6/9
Women's strong shoes4/3
Boys' strong shoes 12-4 nailed5/6
Boys' strong shoes 8-12 hob-nailed4/-
Girls' strong shoes 12-33/10
Girls' strong shoes 8-123/6
Children's boys and girls 1-82/3

That the Manure and crop on Boxhill piece be taken at the valuation set by the Committee to value the same, namely forty two pounds.

That a meeting of such Guardians as can conveniently attend do take place on Monday next at the hour of ten o'clock for the purpose obtaining from the various Insurance Offices their terms respecting insuring the building, workshops, stock and furniture — Workhouse and fixtures in the sum of three thousand five hundred pounds. Stock and furniture in the sum of five hundred pounds.

That notice be given for tenders from such persons as may offer themselves as Taskmaster or Foreman of Factory in the New Workhouse, such person to receive twenty pounds per year, to reside in the Workhouse, and be boarded at the Expense of the Union.

5th November, 1835

Confirmed insurance of the Workhouse with the County Fire Office.

19th November, 1835

That Sarah Loveridge be allowed Two shillings an six pence per week for her two children aged 5 and 1 years, now residing in Buckingham, belonging to the parish of Toot Baldon, instead of 3/9 as heretofore.

That the Overseers of the Poor of the Parish of South Hinksey do provide a Jacket for David Gibbs now a Patient in the Radcliffe Infirmary.

23rd November, 1835

Special Meeting.

Resolved that this Board do offer a Reward of One Hundred Pounds, in addition to the One Hundred Pounds offered by the Government, for the Apprehension and Conviction of the Person or Persons who fired, or caused to be fired, a bullet thro the window of the Governor's room at the Workhouse. And that 500 bills be ordered to be printed and circulated.

That Shutters to be provided for the Observation Room, and the three windows, in the rooms over, made of oak, lined with iron or in such other manner as may be thought advisable.

That three men to be employed as watchmen around the grounds of the Workhouse until further notice. A Felony Committee will be formed.

3rd December, 1835

That Benjamin Mallam of the Parish of Toot Baldon, now in the Workhouse, be provided with a Truss.

That Mary Harris and her illegitimate child belonging to the parish of Culham be taken into the Workhouse.

That the Treasurer do pay Mr James Ellis of Bow Street Public Office, Eleven pounds ten shillings, his charges for Time and Trouble making Enquiries respecting the Felony committed at the Union Workhouse.

That Mr Samuel Simpson be appointed school-master pro tem, to attend the Workhouse and instruct the children, mornings from ten to twelve and evenings from six to eight, and to attend on Sunday evenings from six to eight and to receive for his services ten shillings per week.

10th December, 1835

That Mr James Dore(?) be employed as Foreman of the Factory for one month, and that he receive for his services two shillings per day.

17th December, 1835

Bills approved:

School books1/15/5½
Pail for hog-sties3/6
Table and chairs18/-

23rd December, 1835

(Wednesday meeting)

That William Bedford be appointed Foreman at the Factory at a salary of thirty pounds per year... and that the said William Bedford and his wife are to make themselves generally useful in the Workhouse where they are to reside, and be Boarded at the expense of the Union.

That Charles Champ of the Parish of St Helen, aged 14, to be taken into the Workhouse.

31st December, 1835

The following bills were laid before the Board — the establishment charges to be debited therewith —

Mr Caleb Evans, for Stationary9-19-9
Mr Richard Badcock for Drapery19-10-6
Mr Thos Fairbrother, 3 copper furnaces & ironmongery16-2-6
Messrs Tomkins & Harris for Bedding & Clothing22-18-9
Mr Wm Caudwell, 18 brooms13-6
Mr Wm Ballard, Ironmongery3-9-3
Mr Gregory, for earthenware2-18-9
Messrs Drewit & Fowl for Flocks(?)47-10-8

The following bills were laid before the Board — the Indoor Maintenance to be debited therewith —

Mr William Lanham for Groceries15-7-1½
Mr H Carr for Meat10-2-2½
Mr J Richardson for Bacon15-10-4½
do for Soup12-6
Mr M Stone for Groceries4-16-7
Mr Thomas Winterbourne for 4 coffins @ 12/- each2-8-0
Mr Grace for Funeral Charges — Lydia Heritage,
Louise Moorhen, Eliz Shank & Mary Fletcher1-8-0
Mr D Belcher for Beer4-1-0
Mr E Rance for Shoes12-13-0
Mr J Leverett Bread7-9-7
Mr H Pemberton Coals19-17-5

Checks were signed for the Payment of the Undermentioned Salaries due 31 December:

Richard Ellis, Governor one quarter37-10
Richard Ellis, Clerk18-15
Ann Ellis, Matron12-10
James Hester, Surgeon26-05
John Box, Surgeon26-05
Thomas Rusher, Surgeon10-10
Frederick Saunders, Re. Officer25-00
R Jeuner do25-00
George Long do10-00
Richard Badcock & Wife
Porter, Schoolmistress 2 mo

That the Copper now in the Boiling House be taken down and fixed in the kitchen as a cooking copper.

7th January, 1836

That William Dixon of Sandford, labourer, be allowed fifteen shillings as a loan on account of the sickness of his wife and family.

That the applications from Thame Union to admit paupers into the Workhouse of this Union be not complied with in consequence of entering into and arrangement with the Headington Union.

That application be made to W Gulson relative to the application from the Headington Union to admit paupers into this house, and that a special meeting of this Board be called.

11th January, 1836

Special Meeting.

A proposition having been made by the Headington Union that they should be allowed to send into this Workhouse a certain number of paupers from their Union, resolved that a Committee be appointed of the following Gentlemen — George Vernon Harcourt Esq. J.P. and the Revd. Nathaniel Dodson.

Resolved to confer with the Guardians of Headington Union on the subject and that it be an instruction to this Committee that the only terms upon which they can offer the advantages of this Establishment to that Union be that the Headington Union pay a sum of £3000 towards the outlay in Building and providing the existing accommodation.

28th January, 1836.

William Wastale(?) for care of lunatics at [the county lunatic asylum] Hoxton House in the parish of St Helens, Abingdon — £9-4-0

That the Clerk do write to the Surgeons of those districts who have neglected to make required weekly returns to the Board of Guardians and to request that it may not be again neglected.

That William Paxford, an inmate of the Workhouse, be allowed two one pint of beer per day as recommended by W. Box, surgeon.

That the Clerk do order Two Ton of Hemp Polish Pass(?), three pair of Hackels, four slays(?), one weight of 56lb, one of 14lb, one of 7lb for the use of the Manufactory.

4th Feb, 1836.

That the Diet Table received from the Poor Law Commissioners be forthwith acted upon.

That the following Allowance of Provisions be granted the Porter and his wife — and the Task Master and his wife.

Per week —

Bread — 2 gallons
Meat — 8 lbs
Cheese — 1½ lbs
Sugar — 1 lb
Butter — 1 lb
Tea — ¼ lb
Soup — when required
Beer — 9 gallons per month

Bills —

William Mayo for Spinning Wheels1-11-6
Edward Brown for 4 pairs Sacking Harness10-8
C.M. Wicks Posting Bills3-0

That the Governor do purchase a piece of check for the use of the Workhouse.

That Lydia Humphrey... a lunatic, be conveyed to the County Lunatic Asylum at Hoxton and the Parish of St Helen pay the expense thereof and also the maintenance therein. Thomas Humphrey the husband undertaking to repay the Parish of St Helen four shillings per week from the first day of March next.

26th Feb, 1836

That in consequence of the report from the Relieving Officer, of the non-attendance of Mr Bevan, Surgeon, on the sick Poor of the parishes of Culham and Steventon... and not giving a satisfactory explanation, he be suspended from those duties.

10th March, 1836

Proposed Appointment Medical Officers —

Mr Box —Half Abingdon, Drayton Berks, Sutton Wick, Marcham, Frilford, Garford, Steventon, Milford and Sandford —£130-0-0
Mr Hester —Half Abingdon, Radley, Sunningwell, Wootton, Besselsleigh, Nuneham — £110-0-0
Mr Rusher —Cumnor, Wytham, N Hinksey, S Hinksey, Seacourt, Binsey, Littlemoor — £50-0-0
Mr Cowcher —Appleford, Clifton, Burcot, Sutton Courtney, Culham£46-0-0
Mr Barrett —Lyford, Draycot Moor, Kingston Bagpuize, Fyfield, Tubney, Appleton & Eaton —£41-0-0
Mr Vivash(?) —Marsh Baldon, Toot Baldon, Chiselhampton, Stadhampton, Drayton Oxon — £34-0-0

17th March, 1836

Letter from Mr John Barrett, Surgeon, stating he could not undertake the attendance in the district awarded to him at the Salary stated.

25th March, 1836

James Hester appointed surgeon at £110 to include all cases of casual poor, accidents, surgery and midwifery, and to supply medicines, ointments, bandages and leeches. Also:

John Box —£130
Thomas Parkes —£50
Edward Cowcher —£46
S Smith —£41

Mr Thomas Walker appointed Surgeon for Kingston area at a salary of forty one pounds per annum.

31st March, 1836

Gas Company for fittings £100-11-8

That John Abel, be and he is hereby appointed Barber of the Workhouse for one year from the 25th March last, that he is to attend at the Workhouse, and cut the Children's hair at least once a month, to shave the male paupers once a week, and attend at all times when required by the Master for shaving and hair-cutting, and to receive for his services nine guineas per year.

That the Governor of the Workhouse do pay the Constables of Abingdon two pounds fifteen shillings for their services during the night of Michaelmas Fair in protecting the Buildings of the Workhouse, and attendance on the night of 21st November last.

That Thomas Preston of the Parish of Kingston be supplied with a truss.

7th April, 1836

The number of Paupers maintained in the Workhouse for the quarter ending 25 March as per Book was 139 and the cost of maintenance, fuel etc. was one hundred and four pounds eight shillings and 1½  — after deducting 15-0-7½ pauper earnings.

[Out relief over the same period was £1203-16-9]

Resolved —

Unanimously that Revd Nathaniel Dodson be and he is hereby re-appointed Chairman of this Board for the year ensuing.

Also, unanimously that Henry Haunam be and he is hereby re-appointed Vice Chairman of this Board for the year ensuing.

14th April, 1836

That the Bath for the use of the Infirmary as recommended by the Surgeon, be taken at the price named, Four pounds.

That the following Guardians be and they are hereby appointed the Visiting and Finance Committee for the year ensuing — Messrs Haunam, Powell, Caudwell, Badcock, Maundy, Latham, Lindars, Neale, Tyrell, King, Allnutt, Simmonds, Swan, Steel and Franklyn.

That the Clerk do forward to the Poor Law Commissioners the documents now produced from the Parish of Milton for sale of Poor Houses.

That John Meads... be allowed Tea instead of Cheese, for supper.

21st April, 1836

That in future no monies be taken from the Poors Rate for the Expenses of Funerals, unless the same be strictly a Pauper Funeral, under the direction of the Relieving Officer.

5th May, 1836

That in future, no Officer residing in the Workhouse be permitted to sleep out of the same without permission of the Master. That no Officer (except on duty) be allowed to leave the House, or be out of the same after nine o'clock in the evening.

That Mr Long, Relieving Officer, do apply for a Warrant against Martha Bavis for deserting her Family and leaving them Chargeable to the Parish of Steventon.

12th May, 1836

That William Binfield and family of the parish of Cumnor be sent to America at the Expense of that Parish.

That the drains from Privys and Cesspools be carried without the buildings by Mr Thomas Winterbourne.

26th May, 1836

An order having been received to proceed to sale of the late Workhouse of the Parish of St Helen.

That in future no persons be allowed to visit any of the Paupers in this house more than once a week, and the visiting day be Monday between the hours of one and four — except in the case of sickness.

9th June, 1836

The Communication from the Wallingford Board relative to receiving Paupers into this House having been taken into Consideration. It was resolved unanimously that it not be complied with.

That the Revd Thomas Henry Hawes be and he is hereby appointed Chaplain to the Workhouse of this Union — that he is to perform two full services on Sunday... And in the event of a Burial Ground being provided for those paupers who may die in the Workhouse, he is to perform the funeral service. And to receive as salary for those duties Fifty pounds per year.

That the Clerk do cause an advertisement to be put in the paper with the description of James Hack who escaped from this House on Sunday last, he being a lunatic.

A Communication having been made to this Board relative to the remunerating Surgeons for Vaccination. Resolved that it be left to the Parish Officers of the respective Parishes to agree with the Surgeons for such services.

16th June, 1836

That a Surplice be provided for the use of the Chaplain of this House. Also a Reading Desk for the same purpose.

That an advertisement be forthwith circulated for the Appointment of a Task Master in the room of William Bedford, who has tendered his resignation.

An order having been received for payment of the first instalment of Monies borrowed from the Exchequer for building the Workhouse... the sum of £450 being 5% upon the principal, and the further sum of £360 interest at the rate of 4% upon the amount borrowed, making together the sum of £811.

7th July, 1836

The number of Paupers maintained in this House for the quarter ending 24th June as per Book was 179 and the cost of maintenance, fuel etc. was one hundred and eleven pounds nineteen shillings. After deducting £24-9-11 pauper earnings.

14th July, 1836

In consequence of the resignation of William Bedford as Task Master, this Board are of the opinion it will be desirable to appoint someone who understands the Wool Combing, Weaving etc. in addition to the sacking trade now carried on in this House.

28th July, 1836

The Governor having made a complaint against Mr Long, Relieving Officer, for being out of the Workhouse until ½ past one o'clock on Sunday morning the 21st instant, and then returning in a state of intoxication and disturbing the inmates. Resolved unanimously that Mr Long be called upon to resign and to deliver up... all cash, books, vouchers, papers or other property which may have come into his possession since his appointment, and in the event of his refusing or neglecting to do so, that application be made to the Poor Law Commissioners for their directions thereon.

A complaint having been made against Mr Saunders, Relieving Officer, for not attending at the time appointed by him for payment of the poor, particularly in the Parish of Wootton on Thursday 21st instant when the poor were kept waiting until well after nine instead of being paid at six. Resolved that in consequence of this being the first reproach against him, he be now admonished and directed to be more punctual in future.

A letter having been received from a Mr John Cooper of Exeter recommending a man and his wife superintend the manufactory in this House, and the man offering to present himself to this Board for their approval provided his expenses are paid. Ordered that the Clerk do write... to request the man's attendance, this Union paying his expenses.

4th August, 1836

A complaint having been made by the Governor against Richard Green, an inmate of the Workhouse, for repeated insolence, ordered that he be dismissed from the Workhouse.

The Matron having applied to this Board for permission to allow the washerwomen some extra allowance on washing days. Ordered that each washerwoman be allowed one allowance of bread and cheese extra and half a pint of beer.

Mr Richard Pinkstone having appeared... to enquire into his ability as Task Master. And in consequence of his inability to write and keep accounts it is considered a decided objection to his appointment although in every other respect he appears an eligible person. That the Governor do pay him five pounds ten shillings for his expenses and loss of time.

11th August, 1836

That the Clerk do write the Officers of the Blind Asylum at Bristol for information as to the manner in which an application must be made for the admission of patients.

That Joseph Earles be appointed Task Master... and to receive for his services thirty pounds per year with Board and Lodging for himself and his wife.

That [Mrs] Earles, wife of the above, be appointed nurse and also to work with the females in the spinning shop, and to receive for her services two shillings per week.

1st September, 1836

That notice be given that on Thursday next, the Union will be divided into districts for purposes of registration and regulating Parish and other registers of Births, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials in England.

That Mr Thomas Winterbourne do erect a pulpit in the Workhouse chapel.

That one ton of straw be purchased for the piggery.

That Mr Frederick Saunders, Relieving Officer, do procure summonses against William and Stephen Hobbs of the Parish of Marcham to shew cause why they do not provide for their Father.

That he also summon Charles Cook of Radley Lodge, John Cook of Sunningwell and Job Cook of Bayley Wood, Woodman to shew cause (if any) why they do not support their mother now chargeable to the Parish of Sunningwell.

That a small bell be provided and fixed in such place as the Visiting Committee may direct.

8th September, 1836

That the Union be divided into the following districts for... registering Births, Deaths and Marriages.

District Popn Length x Breadth (miles)

Abingdon80383 x 4
Sutton Courtney36423 x 2
Cumnor22564 x 3
Fyfield17556 x 2
Nuneham Courtney29206 x 3

That the Clerk do write Mr Kempthorne respecting the settlements in the two upper floors of the front wing of this Building, and request his immediate attention.

That William Tuck, labourer in the Workhouse garden at nine shillings per week be allowed to have apartments in the Workhouse for himself and wife during winter and be allowed coals, candles, vegetables, and seven shillings per week instead of nine shillings. And that his wife be employed in the house about such work as the Master or Matron may deem necessary.

15th September, 1836

Mr Kempthorne the Architect had inspected the settlement that had taken place in the partitions at the end of the front wing and he having reported that the settlement had taken place in consequence of the removal of the wall in the kitchen. Ordered that two columns of iron be provided to support the Beam in the Master's kitchen.

That Mr Sampson Kempthorne be allowed five pounds his expenses and loss of time in attending the Board respecting a settlement.

That Charles Hutching of Besselsleigh be allowed two ounces of port wine per day on recommendation of Surgeon.

22nd September, 1836

That a Beam, Scale and Weights be provided for use of the Bread Room.

Elizabeth Bayley, superintendent of the Workhouse and laundry be mulch of her pay of 6d per week and confined to the Workhouse for three months for attempting to take out of the house soap and worsted.

That Ruth Hilliard an inmate of the Workhouse be taken before the Magistrates for behaving disorderly in the Workhouse.

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