Bailieborough Union Workhouse Infants 1872-4

Infants born in, or admitted under twelve months old and healthy to, the Bailieborough union workhouse in the years 1872-4, and what had become of them by 1879.

Patrick DalyDischarged/Healthy
Margaret BoyleDead
Rose LeveyDischarged/Healthy
Mary KangleyDischarged/Healthy
John DalyDischarged/Healthy
Mary Jane LundyDischarged/Healthy
Alice LynchDischarged/Healthy
Catherine MonaghanDischarged/Healthy
Bernard HandDischarged/Healthy
Alice GrantDischarged/Healthy
Mary Jane DoughDischarged/Healthy
Thomas LynchDischarged/Healthy
Bridget MartinDischarged/Healthy
Denis KingDischarged/Healthy
Elizabeth McCalloghDischarged/Healthy
Francis McCaffreyDischarged/Healthy
Rose ClarkeDischarged/Healthy
Bridget GaloglyDischarged/Healthy
Margaret ArgueHealthy
Lawrence McGibneyDischarged/Healthy
Patrick ReillyDischarged/Healthy
Anthony HeoryDischarged/Healthy
Francis HoaryDischarged/Healthy
Margaret McCabeDischarged/Healthy
Patrick ReillyDischarged/Healthy
Patrick TeeganDead
John McCormackDischarged
Patrick DuffyDischarged
Thomas BurnsDischarged
William Henry MooreDischarged

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