1881 Census: Residents of Campbeltown Poorhouse

Peter MC NEILLM48MHeadGovernor Of PoorhouseGigha, Argyll
Agnes MC NEILLM33FWifeMatronCampbn, Argyll
Maggie H. MC NEILLU26FDaurCampbn, Argyll
Flora MC NEILLU21FDaurCampbn, Argyll
Donald MC NEILL13MSonScholarCampbn, Argyll
Lucy Gray MC NEILL 3FDaurCampbn, Argyll
Wm. G. MC NEILL 1MSonCampbn, Argyll
Hector MC NEILLU82MServtPorterCampbn, Argyll
Marrion BROWNW65FServtNurseSaddell, Argyll
Robert ADAMU58MPauperCampbn, Argyll
James BAXTERU62MPauperCampbn, Argyll
Michael BEGLEYM47MPauperIreland
James BLACKW88MPauperIreland
Margt. BLACKU50FPauperIreland
John CAMPBELL13MPauperCampbn, Argyll
Margt. CAMPBELLU35FPauperCampbn, Argyll
Charlotte COFFIELDW75FPauperIreland
Mary CURDIEW74FPauperCampbn, Argyll
Helen CURRIEW70FPauperPort Glasgow, Renfrew
Francis DURNANU42MPauperCampbn, Argyll
John DURNANM73MPauperIreland
Janet FOWLERU39FPauperCampbn, Argyll
Mary HOLMESW85FPauperIreland
Chas. JOHNSTONEM70MPauperCampbn, Argyll
Rose Ann KELLYW78FPauperIreland
Martha LAVERTYW93FPauperIreland
Annabella LOYNACHANW70FPauperCampbn, Argyll
Margt. C. MAINSW80FPauperAyr, Ayr
Ann J. MC ALISTER 1FPauperCampbn, Argyll
Jane MC ALISTERU35FPauperCampbn, Argyll
Isabella MC COAGM70FPauperCampbn, Argyll
Jean MC COAGU77FPauperCampbn, Argyll
Cathrine MC CORMICKU44FPauperIreland
Sarah MC CORMICK 9FPauperCampbn, Argyll
Mary MC CULLACH 2FPauperCampbn, Argyll
Mary MC DONALDW77FPauperCampbn, Argyll
Elizth. MC DOUGALLU74FPauperOban, Argyll
Daniel MC EACHRANW63MPauperCampbn, Argyll
John MC EACHRANU53MPauperCampbn, Argyll
Rosina MC GOWN 6FPauperIreland
Mary MC INTYREW72FPauperCampbn, Argyll
Alexr. MC KAYW79MPauperIreland
John MC KINNONU60MPauperCampbn, Argyll
Jane MC KINVENW60FPauperCampbn, Argyll
Ann MC MILLANU26FPauperIslay, Argyll
Cathrine MC MILLAN 7FPauperCampbn, Argyll
Cathrine MC MILLANU56FPauperCampbn, Argyll
Duncan MC MILLANW42MPauperCampbn, Argyll
Janet MC MILLANU54FPauperCampbn, Argyll
Jas. MC MILLAN 4MPauperCampbn, Argyll
Marion MC MILLAN 8FPauperCampbn, Argyll
Robt. MC MILLAN9mMPauperCampbn, Argyll
Elizth. MC SPORRANW83FPauperCampbn, Argyll
Jas. MC TAGGART15MPauperCampbn, Argyll
Alex. MC VICARW81MPauperIreland
Flora PATERSONW72FPauperCampbn, Argyll
Janet SOMMERVILLEW80FPauperGovan, Lanark
Robert STEELU37MPauperCampbn, Argyll
Mary TEMPLETONW69FPauperKirkmaiden, Wigtown
Helen WAREHAMW67FPauperCampbn, Argyll
Archd. WILKINSONW74MPauperKillean, Argyll

Total residents: 61

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