1881 Census: Residents of Tarvin Union Workhouse

Hugh ATKINSONM30MHeadMaster Of Workhouse (Munic)Bootle Lpool
Marian ATKINSONM35FWifeMatron & SchoolmistressManchester
Ann LIGHTFOOTW59FServtNurse (Munic)Manchester
Thos. BARNESU67MInmateInmate Of Workhouse (No Occ)Ashton, Cheshire
Julia BOOTHU27FInmateInmate Of WorkhouseTarvin, Cheshire
Josh. BROSTER 5MInmateInmate Of WorkhouseChester
Wm. BROSTER 7MInmateInmate Of Workhouse (Sch)Chester
Wm. BROSTINU 2MInmateInmate Of WorkhouseChester
Joseph BROWNU27MInmateVagrant Workhouse (No Occ)Ireland
Ann CORBETTW74FInmateInmate Of WorkhouseAston, Cheshire
Saml. DALTONU66MInmateInmate Of Workhouse (No Occ)David Golborn, Cheshire
Emma DAVIES 3FInmateInmate Of Workhouse Sch
John Hy. DAVIESU45MInmateInmate Of Workhouse
Mary A. DAVIES 5FInmateInmate Of Workhouse Sch
Richard DAVIES 9MInmateInmate Of Workhouse (Sch)
Elizth. DODD 6FInmateInmate Of Workhouse SchCotton Edmunds, Cheshire
Martha DODD 4FInmateInmate Of Workhouse SchCotton Edmunds, Cheshire
James FISHERU80MInmateInmate Of Workhouse (No Occ)Oscroft, Cheshire
Saml. GODSALLU25MInmateVagrant WorkhouseBirmingham
J. A. GREAVESM31MInmateVagrant Workhouse (No Occ)Stoke On Trent
Wm. GREGORYU67MInmateInmate Of Workhouse (No Occ)Cuddington Heath, Cheshire
Mary HINDW30FInmateInmate Of Workhouse
Ann HUXLEYU31FInmateInmate Of WorkhouseHope Nr Wrexham
Emily HUXLEY 7FInmateInmate Of Workhouse SchTarvin, Cheshire
John HUXLEY 3MInmateInmate Of Workhouse SchTarvin, Cheshire
John JARVISU29MInmateVagrant Workhouse (No Occ)Bangor, Caernarvon, Wales
Chas. JOHNSONW56MInmateVagrant Workhouse (No Occ)Kingston, Surrey
Mary JOHNSON12FInmateInmate Of WorkhouseKelsall, Cheshire
Willm. JONES 8MInmateInmate Of Workhouse (Sch)
Anne LEACH 4FInmateInmate Of Workhouse (Sch)Chester
John LITTLERW67MInmateInmate Of Workhouse (No Occ)Tarvin, Cheshire
Thos. LUNTW73MInmateInmate Of Workhouse (No Occ)Ashton, Cheshire
Eliza MOUNTFIELD 6FInmateInmate Of Workhouse SchGuilden Sutton, Cheshire
Arthur NIELD11MInmateInmate Of Workhouse (Sch)
Thos. OAKLEYU62MInmateInmate Of Workhouse (No Occ)Waverton, Cheshire
Hannah PAYDDENU30FInmateInmate Of Workhouse
Margt. PLEAVINU52FInmateInmate Of Workhouse (No Occ)Saighton, Cheshire
George POWELL 7MInmateInmate Of Workhouse (Sch)Checkabent, Lancashire
Hannah POWELLW33FInmateInmate Of WorkhouseGatesheath, Cheshire
Thos. POWELL6mMInmateInmate Of WorkhouseChester
Willm. POWELL 3MInmateInmate Of Workhouse SchCheckabent, Lancashire
Thomas ROBERTS 6MInmateInmate Of Workhouse (Sch)
Geo. ROLLINSON10MInmateInmate Of Workhouse (Sch)
Frank SHONEU 3MInmateInmate Of WorkhouseChester
James SHONEU4mMInmateInmate Of WorkhouseChester
Sarah SHONEU29FInmateInmate Of Workhouse (No Occ)Tattenhall, Cheshire
J Cooper SMITHU53MInmateInmate Of Workhouse (No Occ)Floore, Northampton
Alice STOKES 8FInmateInmate Of Workhouse Sch
Enoch TITTLEU67MInmateInmate Of Workhouse (No Occ)ImbecileMonldsworth, Cheshire
Elizth. VENABLES14FInmateInmate Of Workhouse (Sch)Aldford, Cheshire
Annie WHITE 6FInmateInmate Of Workhouse SchTarvin, Cheshire
Arthur WOODFIN11MInmateInmate Of Workhouse (Sch)
Geo. WYNNEW80MInmateInmate Of Workhouse (No Occ)Cuddington Heath, Cheshire

Total residents: 53

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