Lochalsh, Ross and Cromarty

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In about 1855, the parish of Lochalsh were given a property by Sir Daniel and Lady Hamilton of Balmacara for use as a poorhouse or almshouse. The establishment was administered by the Parochial Board rather than operating as a statutory poorhouse under the central Board of Supervision.

The single-storey building was located at Auchtertyre, next to the village school. Its rooms were provided with a bed, bedding, grate and free fuel The 1881 census, which was described it as a "Parochial Lodging House", had 12 persons in residence ranging from a 78-year-old widow to a family with four small children. In 1904, it was recorded that the establishment could house 16 men or women.

The building has now been converted to a pair of houses known as "Tigh Bochd" and "Cluarn".

Lochalsh former poorhouse, 2010.
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