1881 Census: Residents of Nairn Combination Poorhouse

William MUNROM48MHeadPoor House GovornorNigg, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland
Christina R. MUNROM33FWifeLoch Broom, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland
William MUNRO 13MSonScholarNairn, Nairn, Scotland
David R. MUNRO 10MSonScholarNairn, Nairn, Scotland
Jessie MUNRO  7FDaurScholarNairn, Nairn, Scotland
Mary E. MUNRO  5FDaurNairn, Nairn, Scotland
Joanna MUNRO  3FDaurNairn, Nairn, Scotland
Georgina MUNRO  1FDaurNairn, Nairn, Scotland
Georgina PAULU19FServGovornors ServAberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland
Margaret GORDONU32FServHouse MaidKiltarlity, Inverness, Scotland
Phoebe ROSSU19FServCookIreland
Marjory FRASERU22FServSick NurseCroy, Inverness, Scotland
James John JOHNSTONEM67MHeadPorterKilernan, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland
Ann JOHNSTONEM60FWifeInverness, Inverness, Scotland
Ann AIRDW63FInmateFormerly Gen Dom ServArdclach, Nairn, Scotland
Margaret CAMERONW73FInmateFormerly Housekeeper Dom ServAuldearn, Nairn, Scotland
Charles FORSYTHU74MInmateFormerly FarmerEdinkillie, Elgin, Scotland
John GLASSW72MInmateFormerly Gen LabNairn, Nairn, Scotland
Alexander HENDERSONM77MInmateFormerly ShoemakerKirkhill, Inverness, Scotland
Mary HENDERSONM82FInmateFormerly Nurse Dom ServGlen Urquhart, Inverness, Scotland
Ann JAMIESONU68FInmateFormerly FishwifeNairn, Nairn, Scotland
John JAMIESONU84MInmateFormerly FishermanNairn, Nairn, Scotland
James MACDONALD 4mMInmateElgin, Elgin, Scotland
Lillias MACDONALDU36FInmateFormerly Dom Serv PauperNairn, Nairn, Scotland
Margaret MACGILLIVRAYU58FInmateFormerly DressmakerAuldearn, Nairn, Scotland
Donald MACGINNES  7MInmateScholar Pauper
Helen MACGINNES  9FInmateScholar Pauper
John MAIN  4MInmateNairn, Nairn, Scotland
James MC DONALD 13MInmateScholar PauperCromdale, Elgin, Scotland
James MC GILLIVRAYM72MInmateFormerly PlastererNairn, Nairn, Scotland
Alexander MC INTOSH 12MInmateScholar PauperAuldearn, Nairn, Scotland
Allan MC INTOSH  6MInmateScholar PauperForres, Elgin, Scotland
James MC LEODU66MInmateFormerly Gen LabBlindArdersier, Inverness, Scotland
Janet MUNROW76FInmateFormerly Housemiad Dom ServNairn, Nairn, Scotland
John MUNRO  9MInmateScholar PauperNairn, Nairn, Scotland
William MUNROW44MInmateFormerly Farm ServResolis, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland
Helen MURPHYW80FInmateFormerly CookNairn, Nairn, Scotland
William MURRAYU51MInmateIron Monger SalesmanInverness, Inverness, Scotland
Janet RUSSELLW71FInmateFormerly Green Grocer PauperForres, Elgin, Scotland
Donald SHAWU47MInmateFormerly PlastererAuldearn, Nairn, Scotland

Total residents: 40

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